Daily Routines

Since working my meal time has gone haywire…. I’m not eating as per the normal time that I used to. Breakfast is usually taken after I get to school. But most of the time, breakfast would turn into Brunch as I sometimes have too many classes in the morning causing me to delay eating breakfast.
Lunch is nowhere near the normal lunch hour time. Usually taken very late in the afternoon during tea time. And by the time it gets to dinner, I won’t have enough appetitte yet to eat anything, either I won’t eat that night or delaying it into supper.
Maybe that’s the reason that I’m losing weight, but maybe it is not… who knows?
But other than ruining my meal time, working has it good effects, I’m waking up early these days even if I slept late the night before…. When I started working I had to sleep at least at 12 am to make sure that I can wake up by 6 am… but that’s not the case now, coz I tend to sleep around 2 am these days… maybe I’m getting adjusted to the routine of waking up early ….
Oops…. have to go and have some tea…
Adieu :rose:

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