16 August 2004

Test What Test?

By Rahman Pauzi

Yeah I took a test, some of you might know what it is. Anyway it was the MTeST. The test is for those who wants to do KPLI. 2 and a half hour of sweating. Saw some frustrated ppl after the test. Seriously, the questions were a bit tough. Even had some analytical questions, equivalent to IQ tests. Thankfully I managed to pull through. I don’t think I’ll even get near to a 100 for it though (azya jgn berlagak :p ).
Anyhow, I only got to know that there was a textbook for it the day before the test. And it was by chance… My mom was chatting with a relative over the phone and the topic of me going to go for the test came up and he responded by saying that his son got a copy of the textbook as he is also sitting for the test. So we went over to have a look at the sample questions and textbooks. (5 of em!) Perghhh the question was very tricky… thankfully the real one wasn’t that tricky. But I couldn’t get a copy of the textbook as it was friday and all the shops are closed (note: This is Kelantan not KL) and he was still reading the books.
And yes, I am serious about making teaching my career. Why not, it’s a noble profession. And I like working with people, beats the crap outta my stagefright. (yes I used to have stagefright). And it’s fun! ehehehe
After the test, I went to KB to buy a new UPS. Now I’m not worried about blackouts anymore. Previously my house had problems with multiple blackouts in a week, and I was worried that my Hard-disks might get fried because of it. Problem solved… I hope.
Adieu :rose: