I Slept In The Bus

Hehe, yeah on my way back from school (aiceh cam kekanak la pulak) I slept on the bus, and oopss I missed my stop, and had to get down at the town… damn! My dad called me first before I managed to call home, and asked, “kat mana tu” hehe had to tell him I was in town. He promised to pick me up….
Waited for about ten minutes then my parents both came, I thought only one would come to pick me up but seems they have other intentions.. they wanted to see some factory sale thingy. I decided to sleep in the car and take a nap, but before long my dad came back to the car and asked me to come along if I wanted a new belt coz they are selling it dirt cheap. So proceeded to follow him and hehe, got myself a new belt. A “Polo Poloni” (????) belt.. Where do they come up with brand names anyway? (info. Poloni is a place in Italy) It was ok la comparable to my other belts, and cost almost half the price of my BUM belt. RM35 maaa, we are all suckers for discounts and bargains Smile I also got myself a new wallet, my 1++ year old BUM wallet is in a terrible condition.. My mom managed to buy herself 2 new handbags…. (see Razz)
Gonna buzz off now Rose Adieu

How to make a karlbum
3 parts intelligence
1 part brilliance
5 parts leadership
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Serve with a slice of caring and a pinch of salt. Yum!

4 thoughts on “I Slept In The Bus

  1. ahh! sleep on the bus..just like my brother used to do..the only thing is he was drunk…hmmm sian but the good side is you got a new belt..haha

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