The Run About

The last entry was from Kelantan and guess what? I’m back in Penang!!! Hehehe.. I only went back to get a few books. 🙂 Anyhow here I am back in ol Penang.
Got here at around 5 am. Slept like a baby till lunch. Sleeping on a bus from Kelantan is equal to no sleep, more like tiring ourself. With the multitudes of sharp turns. 🙁
And at night, A friend (Mr. Aiman the crazy architect) and I went over to Transkrian (USM Engineering Campus) to pick up a friend. Got there, picked up the girl. Brought her back to Penang, by ferry!!! Had some nasi kandar at the famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar (if you have been in Penang, and you tell me that you haven’t heard of Line Clear then I consider you as either ignorant or a big liar) Then we had to rush back to Transkrian to send the girl back. As the campus closes at 12am sharp! So here we go again. And no we didn’t get there in time. We only got there at around 1.30am or something, and Aiman was driving like crazy. Macam naik kereta rally tahu tak!!! We ourselves only got back to Penang at 2.15 or something. So there ends our journey, running around in circles which started at 8pm and ended at 2…. crazy loh…. pakcik dah tua, lenguh habis tulang.
Anybody plz remind me not to agree to pick up anybody from the middle of nowhere just to eat in civilization and then sending them to nowhere town again. Better to eat there than running around in a circle. And I’m thinking of installing a rollcage or bucket seats just in case Aiman decides to impersonate a rally driver again. (dah la aku cam rally navigator smalam dok kasi arahan)
Ok that’s all, tonight I’m gonna sleep like a baby hehehe 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Run About

  1. :devil: hihihi congrats karlbum, next time we got to kedah n pick up Liha… this time i bring a Ferio hihihihi.. fasten ur seat belts bcoz the chaps has just left the buildin’ :clap:

  2. hehe..tq guys sbb g jemput aku…wpun tatau jln..
    lak tuh tya aku aku pun tatau…
    tq tuk aiman banje aku nasik kandar…hehe…
    lengkali leh aa banje lagi 😛

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