The Forgotten Friend

As usual I was lurking in my fav channels on IRC. So I saw this nick which struck it as familiar. So I msged her (yes the nick was obviously a girl)
me : helo
lil girl : helo, asl pls
me : 25 m
me : ur *** right?
lil girl : ahah
me : (full name here) penang? cgl?
lil girl : who are u???
me : im rahman laaa
lil girl : sapa rahman?
lil girl : how u know me ???
lil girl : i got to go call me 01********
me : sure
Continued On Phone
me: hey there… where are u right now…
lil girl : melaka…
me : heheheh
lil girl : how do u know me…
me : we met once, at bakti’s cafe
lil girl : can’t remember that…
me : it was a long time ago… 5 years back
lil girl : i cant remember anything…
me : it’s your memory.. i have nothing to do with that… ekekek
me : would you like me to tell anything about u..
lil girl : sure
me : u have 2 bro n 1 sis…
me : u once work part time at a gas station after spm
me : ermm u play tennis and hockey for penang…
me : ur birthday is ********
lil girl : how could u remember that…
me : now that’s a secret….
me : i’ve got to go now…
lil girl : call me again eh next time .. it’s been a while since I talked to u.. 🙂
me : sure
Ahahahahh what a day what a day… 🙂 The power of a lil note kept somewhere.. 🙂 wouldnt it surprise u that it could leave someone completely perplexed .. but then again u have to know where that note is ekekeke 🙂
I have a very bad memory mind u… and I always leave down notes about ppl I know lying around… just in case I need to know things about them.. owh don’t worry .. i keep the notes in a safe place.. nobody but me would know how to retrieve them 🙂
Point for today : Remember ur friends :p
:rose: Adieu

5 thoughts on “The Forgotten Friend

  1. hahaha!! your last paragraph reminds me of the movie entitled: ‘The Dreamcather’..
    so karlbum.. u keep your memory in such a way?

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