Jolly Good Time

Pheww had a very long night last night 🙂 Went out with friends last night at around 10 pm. Went off to a local Ikan Bakar outlet. A restaurant at the famous Kg. Teluk Tempoyak. The place is considered the best in terms of Ikan Bakar eateries. Celebrated a birthday… Happy Birthday Takteh! Hehehe… as usual they are voracious animals around the table…. poof no more sotong goreng … poof the Jenahak was reduced to white bones…
Then we continued the night by watching ROTK (2nd time but my 1st at the cinema) ROTK needs no comment, just that all I can say is it was up to expectation. Though I was disappointed they cut out some good lines by the actors.. Guess I have to see it in the Special Edition DVD.
Afterwards parteds with them and off I went to my friend’s Archi Studio. Was helping him out with a project of ours. Eheheh.. Spent an hour or so tweaking proggies… Later on we grabbed something to eat. Managed to meet up with some old friends at the eatery. Seems that they have just got back from the clubs. Hoho..
I only got back to my room in time for the subuh prayer at around 6.15 am.. and I’m still tired … 🙂
:rose: Adieu

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