Happy In Penang

I feel good time! Seriously sometimes staying here in Penang can suck big time. Meaning the money spent, hectic lifestyle (9am till 2am!!) But sometimes… times like this it feels really good to be here. Surrounded by friends… Just now a dear old friend of mine brought me some nasi for my sahur. How nice of her… though her excuse was simple “ni aku aku dah ada nasi dah.. ko ambik la yang ni”. Hehehe and at the same time there’s a few friend that has invited me to go sahur with them at 4am…. Bwahaha don’t think I can stay up that long actually… but I’ll try :p
A few more days to stay in Penang.. then back to Kelantan.. need to settle my accomodations for next semester.. (this is the part that sucks) luckily got a friend who’s willing to take me in till I get my own place. And someone has already agreed to give me a Wireless Card if I happen to stay at the hostel.. Good time is coming near.. booya…

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