When Bored, Do What?

Felt totally bored today I don’t know why… ended going out and such.. went shopping for some computer stuff a bit 🙂 Yeah like the girls say shopping is fun. Especially if your using someone else’s money :p
Bought myself the modem for Streamyx. Hmmm weird can’t seem to find the newer models.. the latest model that I did found was a bit, ermm how do u say it.. low on quality. Instead I bought the old Aztech model. And bought a new mouse, optical thingy hopes this one last as at least half as long as my old logitech, that one lasted me 7 years altogether 🙂 (still using it for my old comp). Ah another afternoon spent at the shopping complex.
I relegated my acct on utopia to a friend, doesn’t feel like playing anymore. At least not in that Kingdom 🙁 Now thinking whether I should play Ragnarok or Not. From what I’ve seen, the interface is quite ok. Although the Malay version can get quite disorienting…
Oh well still bored… hopes my school of rock dload finishes tonight, then I can have some amount of boredom deleted. Oh well till then.
:rose: Adieu

6 thoughts on “When Bored, Do What?

  1. :dance: karl, i think its ok to enjoy boredom once a while, its not like u have it all the time,
    so happy boredom to u.

  2. ishkkk.. barang komputer la best… nanti bleh buat benda-benda pelik :p beli baju pun nak berjalan kemana jerr… penang memboringkan 🙁 lagipun my almari kat penang kecik jer.. tu dah ketat tu .. ekekke

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