Lazy Bum

Yes, that what I have been for the past week. Lazing my days away. Nothing productive yet. Except perhaps the pics from my road trip is finally up. But the design over there is screwed. Couldn’t bother to fix that yet. Will get to it. Next week. (erk dah puasa la minggu depan)
This week I’ve been boring myself opening gifts and hampers. Yeah my parents get a lot of that. Came home to 2 unopened hampers, which I gladly opened. Tons of biscuits and soft drinks, a few clothings and a clock? Don’t you just love this parties that they attend. Ekekek. Had a nice surprise from my mom too. She bought me a cake, which I asked “what is it for”, she said “saja”. Ahahah the older they get the sweeter they are. Another weird surprise was that she called my ex and had a talk with her. I was totally confused as the name of my ex was brought up. Apparently she got the numbers from my phone bill. 3 year old phone bill coz the ex she called was the one I had 3 years back. She was commenting.. “oh so this is the one living in Ipoh with her grandparents”. As usual I made myself look busy and refuse to talk about my ex. Wooo what for… not even my last ex. hehehe :p
Watched Duplex just now. Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. Very entertaining. Hehehe.. got some good laugh out of it. Although at almost the end I was like, eh why so short. Probably coz the movie got a really good laugh out of me. I expected it to last much longer. Ahh well, go and get the vcd if u can. A very good comedy if i might say so.. Ok I’m gonna go and sleep now.
:rose: Adieu

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