Dust Devils

In the environment at home right now, I feel like I might get sick at anytime. The fact is I’m very alergic to dust, I can’t stand them at all, I also have a history of asthma (I still maintain a thick file at the local hospital). I will just sneeze non stop in the presence of dust. And the sad thing is when I got home as usual my room was full of dust. How couldn’t it be. The whole top floor of my house is actually for me and my sister. And she has not been back for ages. Haiyo had to clean up the place myself, no I don’t have a maid. We used to have a help comes every weekend to clean up. But my dad complained about the noise… she brought her kids along :p
So now I have to sort the mess in my room. While making a bigger mess outside of my room. Ekekek, I unpacked outside of my room actually. Need to put things away. There is still tons of VCD under the bed. A whole junk of old newspaper at a corner. A few case of free maps and posters. My room looks like a lab? Or rather a large workspace? I have errr a whole wall dedicated for my computer and other related equipments. 2 computers + a scanner + 3 printers do tend to take up space. *yes I’m a nerd* :p
Talked to a friend a few days back. He’s planning to open an IT company so to say, with services ranging from webhosting to in-house software design. He invited me to work with him. The offer looks nice, yeah I mean.. who wouldn’t want to work with people you are comfortable with. But I have this one basic problem, I’m not trained professionally for IT related jobs. Yeah I do have experiences, but only at small setups. His is company is supposedly big. With an initial investment of 100k. And how do I say it. I have been eyeing a certain job for a couple of month now. Perhaps I’ll take the job for a few months while I try to get the job that I’ve been eyeing.
Oh well I’m off, dinner time…
p/s: The room is 50% (still trying to get my hand on boxes for the VCDs)
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  1. … wow thats an offer, btw, wat do you do? i mean… i got silent chest, n asthma. I’m so pumped with steroids n nebuhalers… I wonder why i cant be in the olympics yet… at least strong enuff for it…

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