This question is directed to the girls out there, would u be afraid if u were followed by a guy who’s wearing a hooded sweater, right around 8 pm and it was raining at the same time?
Ermm that what I was doing just now :p NOT intentionally, I was on my way back from the bank after a succesfull withdrawal, I always walk to the bank, it’s close anyway just around 300M away. It was raining so I took one of my sweaters that have got a hood. And as I was walking back, my path sort of crossed with 2 indian girls, they overtooked me, as I was walking at a rather leisurely pace. And it is a point to note that when I walk I make very little noise, the sound of my footstep is reduced as I have this very cute way of walking :p Yeah somebody called it cute.
Next on the girl seemed to be afraid coz one of them kept looking back, hey there’s ton of streetlight around. And I’m not stalking u. Anyway that was funny as I remember it afterward. Not that I look forward to doing that again (maybe yes) But walking when it’s raining has always been a hobby of mine. I like to savour the feel of the raindrops falling. Especially when it’s raining lightly 🙂 Just nice…
Another weird experience, a girl I know gave me the keys to her car. No explanation whatsoever, just that she needs me to keep the keys for her and she will pick it up tomorrow afternoon. And to all that I just said “ok”. What the heck just happened. Afterwards I kept thinking, is there something I forgot, did she tell me to do anything with the car. I even called her back (actually I called her friend as I don’t know her number) And all I get was.. “keep the keys, I’ll get it back tomorrow”. Now explain that to me. There seems to be some ulterior motives but heck I can’t figure it out. Oh whatever, need to sleep…
:rose: Adieu

15 thoughts on “Stalker

  1. :pray: Sure i will be afraid, with everything taht happen lately. A girl need to be aware all the time, anywhere. As for me, i’ll always bring my pepper spray or perfume, or a small knife in my bag, place it where u can easily reach for it when u desperately need it. Karl, please dont go and scare the girls….. hehehehehehee

  2. hmm..kat ozz nih stalker xde laa kes besar2an tp org mabuk bersepah so aku pon sentiasa bwk pepper spray n ingat pesanan mak aku setiap kali nak kuar umah baca ayat kursi mintak dilindungkan.

  3. of course! i would be so terrified and paranoid! dont you dare do that when ur around me, i would turn back, go up to you and attack you with my pepper spray, and when ur caught off guard, i would kick u on your balls and when u bend forward in pain, i pull your elbow from behind and make u double up in more pain, then kick your stomach and run away. :pig:

  4. Errr I seriously don’t think I’ll be stalking u Cik Bedak. Don’t want my balls inside of me :p Anyway stalkers target vulnerable ppl 🙂 Ppl with cars that looks like it being lived in 😎
    And just_me… come to Penang we’ll do a sparring session 🙂 I happen to live quite near a Karate Dojo. Hajime!

  5. erm, my car DOES look like its being lived in. it’s my second room! maybe i should put some dangerous weapons lying around on my backseat for warning against people like you, no? hehehe!

  6. :p ahahaha anyway cik bedak, go buyself urself the 3R CD got some good advice on how to avoid stalkers like me 🙂 Did I mention some, coz the fighting part is a bit useless.. Unless u know what u really know what u are doing :p
    and I’m getting scared.. remind me not to go near MMU next time I come to KL… don’t want to bump into Cik Bedak The Gangsta

  7. heh.. im da one who gave ya da key. ahaks! tQ sbb w`pun nampaknyer ko blur napa aku wat gitu.. tp sebenarnya aku tgh gelabah masa tuh. esok lusa baru nak masok workshop.. 1000 gaks melayang. niwey.. very2 :love: btol bila tau ko ada web gini. dah lama giler tak layan ‘wording’ best cenggini.. i had one, tapi byk kenangan so i just leave it cenggitu jerr .. heh, fenin$^&_)#$^?1

  8. ya allah, ko ni mmg takder kerja ker. okey if i were followed by someone who’s wearing a hooded sweater, right around 8 pm and raining at the same time, I’ll know its you. 😉 :pig:

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