Sleepy Yet Happy

Had a real nice talk last night with a good friend, a long and nice talk….. where I was doing all the talking actually. Got a lot off my chest, things that I’ve not been able to tell anyone actually, my frustration with people in general, and also predated stuff that I’ve kept secret coz I felt it was unnecessary for ppl to know.. But yeah last night everything came out…. and I think you are still shocked to know most of it… aren’t u? 🙂
Anyway the talk lasted more than an hour.. with me on the phone till my batery went cuckoo again.. felt relieved a bit… a bit happier… at least there’s a person out there who knows why I did the thing I did… :p
Got a surprise call this morning from one of my juniors… Very early in the morning like around 7.30am… Asked me if she can meet me.. wanted to pay some obscure book which I gave to her a year back. I somehow thought she wanted to invite me to her wedding… :p Yeah a lot of ppl I know are getting married.. actually one of my junior/friend met me the other day and said “Oi dah jadi bini dah, org cari tak jumpa” heheh… sorry la babe… life has been crazy… anyhow he got married in KL didn’t think I wanted to do another road trip to KL…. hehehe kawin time merdeka plak tu :p
Now I’m off… think I’m gonna catch up on lost sleep :p

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