Its KL again ?

i’m writing now from the laptop of my dear ol friend… having fun obviously this 2 days that i’ve been here.. yesterday i arrived in KL around 5 picked up by my friend and we went to a friend’s house to drop her lil bro, (the lady friend wasn’t there) but we were caught by the mother and had to stay for dinner. typical typical.. (for my friend that is)
and dinner was then followed by the usual session of talk with the mother.. which caused us to arrive at my friend’s house around 12 midnight . heheh crazy huh? nahhhh
and today…. we stayed in the house until around 3 pm… i managed to finish 2 books, one by stan sakai and the other by scott adam.. hehe… then we went out for lunch which we had at some foodcourt near taylor’s college subang jaya. hehe from pj to subang jaya just for some lunch.. it was good anyhow… then we strolled over to damansara utama to an old friend’s house just to be told that he’s doing some course right then at UM. then we proceeded to go to Taman Lembah Kiara just to sit in the car in the middle of rain.. and calling ppl in ipoh.
now u might wonder what’s the connection between all those places.. from pj to subang then to DU then to ttdi… heheh absolutely nothing.. just wanderlust i think ekekek.
so we have decided to go down to ipoh tomorrow morning.. and we are not going to the starlight cinema tomorrow for which i have tickets.. but what the heck we are replacing that tonight.. both of us is going off to KLCC to watch some good ol movie. i think its tomb raider again :p
anybody wants my ticket for the starlight cinema? though i dont see how im gonna give the phone to anybody 🙂
ok that’s all i think im gonna go and book the ticket for the movie… adios :devil:

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