How Do U Define A Bitch

For me it would seem rather simple, coz I’ve met a few…. one for example is one of my good friends sister… I’ve tried being nice to her… never did say anything cross or otherwise (some may have slipped) But for some reason she just can’t handle a conversation with me without trying to bash me or otherwise….. and as it is… just today… I was merely messaging her asking her how she felt … coz she was hospitalized a week ago… oh and what did she do? oh she bashed me again…. and I just had to f*cking bash her back… pahhh read it for urself

me : kalau hidup hanya sekadar utk kutuk org baik la jadi monyet… menjerit jerit kat hutan tanpa kenal erti letih…
me : tgk diri sendiri jgn dok tgk kat org lain jer
b*tch : takperr mengutuk meluahkan perasaan sebelom jadik kronik
* this just turn me on.. ooo ooo .. what a gal
me : yg dok kutuk org sesuka hati tu ada tak aku pernah kata ko tak lawa?
me : nak suh aku stat?
me : jangan cari pasal ngan aku….
me : mengutuk meluahkan perasaan menambah dosa mencepatkan masuk neraka… gitu yer?
me : tak pernah pk apa yg kuar dr mulut sendiri
me : mulut tu kalau tak jaga segala benda lain kena
me : ko tak pernah pk mulut ko tak jaga tu ada kaitan ngan ko sakit ker apa?
me : tak pernah pk camtu?
me : sebodoh bodoh benda ko kutuk org .. lekat dlm hati dia.. dia tak ampun.. ko igt senang nak masuk syurga?
me : nak mintak ampun kat akhirat senang?
me : tuhan maha pengampun.. tp manusia bukan
b*tch : mulut aku suka ati aku nak cakap ape
b*tch : yg ko nak emo’ stau badan nih apsal
me : emo?
b*tch : i dont take antyning u said to the heart
me : emo la mengenangkan adik member aku sorang ni dr dulu tak reti jaga mulut
b*tch : so up to u to handle what i’ve said
me : so what if i say ur a f*cking slut?
me : a slut who is so f*cking insecure she just had to bash on other ppl to satisfy her f*ckin huge ego
me : though her ego is certainly bigger than her b**bs
me : oh im not worried if i hurt u
me : coz u wont take it to ur f*cking huge egoistic heart
b*tch : so?
b*tch : ppl can say anything about
b*tch : us
b*tch : it’s up to other ppl to handle and judge\
b*tch : coz 1 thing for sure i’m not a judgemental
b*tch : words wont hurt
after this the conversation just got so degrading that it is not worth mentioning..
probably that didnt get anything to her thick head… wonders how she expect others to respect her when all she does is bash ppl…. so freakin egoistic that I would say she’s the opposite of my friend who’s much wiser with words….
hmm guess I’ll get in trouble with my friend for abusing the sister :p whatever… didn’t really regret it.. the only regret it that she is still sticking to her point, that she can bash ppl whenever she feels like it..

11 thoughts on “How Do U Define A Bitch

  1. don’t get so mad,just ignore her … jgn layan…a bitch is a bitch …they won’t bother how you feel…so do the same :p ..don’t bother to even talk to them.

  2. i don’t really care that much… memang nak ignore.. cuma disebabkan dia tu adik my good friend jer.. kalau tak memang i won’t give a damn.. anyway she deserved the tongue lashing..

  3. hehe, bagus ko menyedarkan dia skit..
    slalunya aku pon dok malas nak layan dia sgt..
    sbb bagi aku bila nak berkata2 tuh biar guna otak bukannya lidah…
    tp aku masih x paham apa punca segalanya nih?

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