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Yeah, I’m a big fan of the fantasy genre, since I picked up my first fantasy book when I was in form 4 I could never not read a book like that. I’m a big fan of LOTR, I follow Robert Jordan very heavily, supposedly Wheel Of Time (WOT) is the next LOTR.. And I read Harry Potter too… 🙂 Yeah very crazy bout fantasy novels…. can’t seem to stop picking up titles from that genre. I even went berserk a month back when I bought 3 books by Robert Jordan and another computer book.
Anyway my point is, I heard that TGV is going to do a LOTR movie marathon for the third installation of LOTR. They are going to play it back to back. Woooo 10 hours worth of movie. December, bebeh just can’t wait. I’d do that movie anytime of the day. Though I usually feels very sleepy coz I always know whats going to happen next (bad things when u have read the book over and over again). heheh
Owh for those Orlando Bloom fan, he’s in Pirates of The Carribean, a Walt Disney movie. Sure as hell can’t miss that can u?
Ok wanna grab something for dinner :p
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