It was schmoking

I just got back from a school, (3 hours back) where I did my focus group interview, and yet again I was given a group. Just trying to make them speak up was tiring to the bone. Managed to get the FGI into the direction I wanted. Oh yeah, to those who doesn’t know, I’m working with a lecturer of mass communication as a research assistant, I conduct interviews for them. Currently the focus of the research and my interviews is the effect of advertisements on the smoking habits of adolescence. But we also discussed different approach to discourage and prevent the kids from smoking.
I gave in my 2 cents to the lecturer just now and she said, the idea was way too radical. Because she’s organizing a anti-smoking camp for the kids and the target are kids who smoke. I suggested instead of not allowing them to not be able to smoke at all, why don’t let them smoke, but under close supervision. Sort of your choice making session. She mentioned the camp commandant won’t be happy about that. Have the rules bla and bla.. at least I saw that the potential of such session would make to those kids.
My view on ppl smoking is that they shouldn’t start as a kid when the reason is only peer pressure, which is not actually plausible at all. The need to be normal? Acceptance among peers. It’s not that I’m against ppl smoking I’m just against kids who can’t think smoking. Hey I once smoked (don’t tell that to my mom, I’ll still get a cross look) and I stopped. Because I was matured enough to think for myself that I wanted to try how it taste and then decided that it wasn’t worth it. Yeah I’m lame I never got addicted :p Why don’t you get urself unaddicted too. Cigarette is still considered a gateway drug. Ah never mind you old ppl who have brains to decide, it’s this kid. God, one of them that I interviewed this morning actually started in Kindergarten, sheesh.. never too early for anything eh? Ermm done with that.
A guy called me just now, he’s the pointman for MAMPAN thingy, as I onced helped them install PostNuke for their community website. Guess what, the master password for the website has been changed by one of their higher ups. And he’s at lost at how to recover it. I just wanted to laugh to his face. Who would be crazy enough to share a password with 20 ppl? Seems I have to be contacting the hosting ppl to ask for their help. I don’t know if I’m still considered authoritative for that website hmmm… just have to try heheh. 🙂 That’s all for now 😀

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