I had a surrealistic dream last night…. it felt too real, and I can remember every detail… not that I dreamt of something bad, rather I dreamt of doing something bad to other people… what so weird is I can even remember how it feel when I touched someone in my dream.
Which brings me to a question, is dreams just your mind toying with u? a culmination of your past or is it an image of the future? As most people know, dreams can be interpreted, what most people don’t know that those dream that can be interpreted have categories, rules and methods of interpretations… I think I read once the type of dreams that can be interpreted. The categories of dream? too many, their method of interpretation. Whether the dream is you alone, or is there human interaction and so on so forth. For details consult your nearest astrologer.
What piques me to no end is.. is it a sign that your mind is troubled about something that it needs to vent it out and the method is a dream, nightmare or not isn’t an issue….. hmmmm still dwelling on this… oh well perhaps I’ll blab about it another time 😀
Oh btw, I was rummaging my belongings and found my matric yearbook… damn how sad I felt… knowing that of all the pictures in there… I only see a few of them on a regular basis, and that’s less than a tenth of the people I know in the yearbook. Glad my school yearbook is lost, though it’s not a total loss… we were drilled on remembering everyone in our batch that I can still put a face to their names…. though the knowledge of their address is lost with the books….
Going back to Penang tomorrow morning… 🙂 Tooodles

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