From feeling totally bored last night to feeling very energized today…. 😀 woke up rather early for a Sunday…. 8 am.. to be exact… ekekeke… 🙂 I went shopping…. shopped for a new pair of Jeans…. my old jeans.. one of them got some acids spilled on it.. it became too rugged for me 🙂
Had fun shopping today.. sort of the shopping spree… especially when you are shopping for others as well…. instead of just the jeans.. i brought back other goods…
The most memorable thing today? Met with the “Manja Girl” veryyyy manja…. seriously…. I was having my dinner and she just dropped by and what did she do.. she said “nak, suapkan sket” and that was in front of her new boyfriend.. ekeke.. :)) that’s how manja she is… she once did that sort of stuff in front of my ex, which made my ex blew her top… @-)
Haven’t gotten around to picking up my computer… seems the guy in charge of storage isn’t around.. probably will pick it up before midnight.. hopefully he’s around.. hate to be away from my computer for soo long…
Wants to actually finish setting up the gallery section… already scanned a few of my old pics…. 🙂 oh btw… i redid the guestbook section seemed i didnt format the guestbook nicely enough… 😀 it was all jumbled up… working ok right now.. anybody using 800×600 res? coz i know that when u use that res u wont see the correct formatting for the website… the sidebar would just go down.. hopefully i’d be able to resolve this problem soon 😀
Anyway one of the questions I ask myself when I do my homepages (biodata section) what do ppl want to know about me? do they want to know more.. or less? any body have anything in mind? B-)

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  1. :angel: mesti laa org nak tau psal kite…kalu dah nak tulis biodata tuh biar laa btul2…kalu nak tipu2 baik xyah tulih buang karanz org yg nak bace tuh…

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