What A Girl Wants

Weee ok la, the movie was quite ok, though it is sort of another Princess Diaries, another Cinderella movie with a twist… They even mentioned Cinderella for god sake, here’s the not so direct quote Smile
Daphne: “Hey step sis, you’ve seen Cinderella, I’m Cinderella, you are the evil step sister, I’m gonna win”
Clarissa: “huh…… ”
That’s how vain the movie was Smile but it sure was funny… now how about some thriller? Phone Booth starring Collin Farrel is next on the list..
You might be wondering why the heck am I writing about these movies when the hype is all about Matrix 2 and X-Men 2.. that is the reason.. all those hypes.. I’ve seen both, I’ve enjoyed both… but I aint gonna say a word edgewise.. I’ll leave that to other people… Grin
Meanwhile I’m currently occupied making some VCD out of my Initial D sets.. Anybody want’s a copy?

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