It’s A Tuesday

Hey ho people, it is tuesday again… hehehe, I had to redo the application form for the workshop. Then I went to my favourite restaurant to have something to eat. This is my favourite spot coz the makcik is very friendly…. and u would never guessed that she was once a lecturer… and used to live in the states… 🙂 I have a knack for finding out things about people. D So had myself some nasi and ayam goreng.. then talked to her, hehe… so I got myself another part time job. 🙂 Hehe that would be nice.. a night job… doesnt exactly interferes with my RA job.
Planning to go to KL next week. My relative is gettin married, which one? I dont exactly recall .. ekekekek sooo bad of me :devil: Gonna go and buy the tickets this afternoon.. maybe right after this… Watched Phone Booth last night.. but I slept around 30 minutes after it started… eheheh seems I’m always sleepy when I watch a VCD… my sleeping pills .. ekekke 😀 Aight better stop now…. thinking of going jogging after I buy the tickets… lalalala
[Listening to: One Night In Arabia – Initial D (vol 3) – D-Selection3 (4:56)]

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