It’s a fine day

A fine day indeed it is… but I woke up late 🙂 slept at 3 something last night…. my girl went to the midnight show… was a bit worried.. :pray: alaaa you know lah how kl is at night… anything can happen. Now I need to finish up my report to submit to the lecturer tomorrow. Full report complete with transcripts and general assessment stuff. Wow this is gonna be hell. Still have 2 tape to transcribe. That would be fun :)) But now I can’t move, too stuffed from the lunch. 😀 so here I am updating the blog… while my friend is playing with the cat… yep we now have a cat in the lab. We call him ‘rangga’, yeah the guy from AADC. The cat looked like a rangka (rangga) 😀 when we first found him. Looking soooo starved. Now he’s a lot fatter. I’ll put up a pic of him soon.
On another note just talked to my girl. She went back home at her lunch hour. 🙂 I miss her very much. Haven’t been able to chat with her for quite a while, she’s been staying over at her aunt’s.  😡 Miss those little chats with her actually, missed her presence… 🙂 I better stop. this is a topic that can hold me for hours.

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