Hectic To The Max

Didn’t sleep last night was slaving myself doing a report for the lecturer. I only got an hour of sleep i-) at around 7am then got up to get ready to go to the meeting with the lecturer. The meeting ended at 12 pm. Wow was I bumped. Was really tired then before the meeting started, when the meeting ended I was kind of awake and didnt need to sleep anymore but after the Jumaat prayer I slept a bit. Then got up around 3.30, it felt refreshing
The work was real tiring transcribing tapes all night thru. I kept drinking nescafe, then suddenly I realised I had finished a jug full of it. perghhh no wonder I could stay awake 8-} Took frequent breaks in between to freshen up myself. Phew.. The meeting with the lecturer was fine 😀 Had quite a stimulating discussion, it piqued my interest to no end of how, and why these kid starts to smoke at an early age. As early as standard 1, not just any age!! But that could be left for another day.
So here I am in the lab, preparing to redo the report in another form. 🙂 The lecturer finally decided to keep the quotes in Malay and not translate it into English. Oh well, this is tiring but then the job is satisfying. Haven’t felt satisfied doing anything for a while now. Ok I better stop now 🙂 Wanna try a hand at the photo gallery. And then gonna go jogging with the guys again. Haven’t used the leg much since I sent my bicycle home to Kelantan. Toodelooo B-)

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