One thought on “Credit Card And Pranks

  1. Hi! Just blog hopping! Hope you don’t mind me comment siket pasal entry cc nih. I remembered waktu I was still in the airlines, ade kes fellow crew mate I kena dakwa – pasal kes ccards lah. Propah pasal penyeludupan ccards into Japan walhal she didn’t even know about it. Yes, it was a she. For us being crew, memang selalu kena jadik ‘postman’. Tolong bawakkan barang from A in KL to B in *so and so country/stations*. So this girl bawak what she thought was cookies and what not in a packet or two. A packet could lead to like what, 100 ccards? Just like biscuits/cookies she said during the court trial. She didn’t expect it was credit cards. Upon arrival in NRT *Narita, Japan* she kena cekup. Kesian sangat2 dia. I wonder what ever happened to her… hmmm.. Anyways, great blog! Enjoyed it, thank you very much! Sesenang, visit lah mine. But need me to remind you, my blog is not ‘normal’ – so don’t say Ididn’t warn u.. ekeke.. Regards, NURLEA – Night2! Assalamualaikum…..

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