One Down, A Few Dozen More To Go

For the past 2 days, I’ve been camping it out at my relative’s house. As a cousin of mine was getting married (she’s 1 year older than me).
Helped out a bit with the preparation. Killed my second cow (the 1st one was Qurban from a Hari Raya a few years past) Relearning the different names for the meat. Musey(Tenderloin), Kasih(Faux-filet) and so on (I’m not so sure of the English names Razz)
Everything went smoothly I suppose, the ceremony was on Thursday, and then there was some light refreshment (not so light considering it involved rice) afterwards, with Lamb as the main dish.
The real event was on Friday, (picture taking, tepung tawar, and what’s not) where a big luncheon was prepared. (that’s what the cow was for). Glad that it was a friday so that everything only started after Friday prayer, but it sure did drag on till evening, with streams of people coming in non-stop.
Now I’m tired and wish only to sleep Smile
Adieu Devil
p/s: Read my next entry Smile

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