Nationwide vs SkyNet : The Verdict

After waiting and waiting and waiting, the results are in. Both failed miserably! Both of the courier company failed to deliver the item on 24th, instead Nationwide delivered the document on 28th and SkyNet only managed to do it on 29th.

Was very disappointed with nationwide as I know that they managed to send my item on time (next day delivery!), but have not been doing so for the last few times. Their excuse was that the delivery truck to Jitra was late on the 24th so that they couldn’t send it out on time.
However SkyNet’s excuse for not delivering on time is stupider I think.

Shipment Problem 3
Date: 29 Dec 09 9:49 am
Problem Code: PC005
Created By: JTR
Delivery has been attempted, the consignee was not present / company closed. Delivery will be re-attempted on 30 Dec 09

I mean come on this is an office, you can’t say that they are not there. So many ppl inside and you say “company closed”?.
I might need to look at other avenues. PosLaju’s claim that they can deliver documents/parcels the next day before 10 am in UUM sounds pretty good right now. Perhaps I’ll use them the next time I have to send something to UUM. The hard part is the fact that PosLaju’s (Machang) cut off is 12.30pm as opposed to Nationwide, you can go as late as 6pm. Though the lady at Machang Post Office did say that I can go to KB’s Post Office as their cut off time is much later.
Conclusion, courier services to UUM is miserable (Nationwide and SkyNet). However it can’t be said to represent both company’s as a whole. Maybe I’ll redo this experiment with another destination? However next delivery maybe I’ll try PosLaju.