Plagiarized Lately?

Hi, I’m still alive 🙂 Just a tad busy, my schedule requires me to write a lot, and yet I never do have enough time to put up my writings on the blog. But I’ll try to make it a point to put everything here 🙂
As you all might know, there’s been a few cases of blog plagiarism around, talk about idealess monkeys. Sad to say that the latest victim is a friend of mine. And I’m glad that my blog is not good enough to be plagiarized :p Coz I can sense the anger in them when they see their work being copped off as another’s.
Me myself, my daily journals are not worth that much to be plagiarized, but I do know that some ppl have been saving my pages to their hard disks. Don’t ask how I know, because I can’t really explain but to say that it involves being able to look at ur servers error messages.
I myself have been passing up my backdated articles and poems as a part of my regular assignments and such, I’m imprinting my copyright both online and offline. So be forewarned, offline copyright have a stronger value and as such *ehem ehem* you can be sued 🙂 And *ehem ehem* I do know a few good lawyers, one of them specializes in suing the goverment itself :p I might not make any money out of it, but I’ll damn sure make them buy a big ass space in the newspaper to say that they are sorry :devil:
Coming up next : The Waterfall entry + The reunion 😀