Short Holiday 2008

My mid sem holiday is somewhat over. I’m already back at Gua Musang. Am here early so that I can start on the new timetable as well as properly putting the stuff that I moved from the old house.
So how did I spent my short holiday, basically there was not much that I did, I attended a relative’s wedding. It was a simple affair nothing grand but the atmosphere was definitely festive.
The Imam that did the solemnization was really funny, first he made the groom really nervous by purposely saying another person’s name. Then he gave the usual wedding sermon. After the solemnization is the really funny part. He then transformed into the wedding director. Even telling the newly weds what to do. For instance he told the groom to put on the ring to the wife’s finger and then counted so that the photographers get a chance to snap pictures. Then he instructed the groom to kiss the bride and then counted very fast saying that it needn’t be too long as they have other times to do it as long as they want.
On another note, Alya is not feeling pretty well lately she has been coughing and the doctor have given her some medication. But the cough have not really subsided so far.
Alya is also pretty heavy right now. When we weighted her at 1 month old she was already 3.6kg an increment of 500 grams then at 2 months old her weight shot up to 4.7kg. I bet when we weigh her next she’ll be close to 6 or 7kg.
Till next time
Adieu :rose: