Lost In The Jungles Of Thought

It has been quite a while since I wrote anything on the blog. For one thing, my life has been very hectic. Can’t think of a time when I have less me time than this year.
The meeting/briefing/courses have also been unrelenting plus crazily last minutes. For instance I was called on 19th at 6pm telling me that I have to check in by 2 on 20th. It was a short course for new data teachers. Baru la sangat, been in this position for almost 6 month already. On 21st I pushed back to G.M as the wife and kid are still there. Bloody tiring, but can’t help it; it is my job right.
Work at school has also been crazy. I used to be given a week to complete the school schedule, but recently I’ll be given one or two days to complete. That really tires me. Lucky I have access to my wife’s computer which is definitely faster than my own laptop. Being tired of always borrowing her lappy, I bought a new one. Cheap one actually but with bigger rams and faster processor than my old laptop and even my wife’s. So that should speed up the schedule compilation process.
On another note, Alya is one week away from her first birthday… yay!!!! Suppose to have some makan-makan, but the plan is not concrete yet.
So many things to put into words, but so long ago that most of them has passed me by. I guess till next time 🙂
Adieu :devil: