A Year It Has Been

Time flies when you are having fun, the past year has been a magnificent year for me. Eventhough the course is a really challenging one with it tight schedule and neverending assignments, but the people that went through it with me has made the experience a really rewarding one.
I would really treasure all of those moments together, all the bad joke and even worst punchline (especially from me), the hours spent doing groupworks, seeing the whole gamet of personality in front of me everyday. From the class jokers, to the quiet ones, from the one always serious in class to the one that can never keep quiet. It has all enriched my life 🙂
The class trips was really fun, the almost routine pilgrimage to Jaya Jusco Maluri, the few movie trips, trips to fast food joints, the open houses. Everything was cool 🙂 I guess those places have never seen a large group of cikgus hanging around :devil:
Most of all, I would remember our last few weeks together, the days spent in the auditorium, making jokes and quirky comments behind the lecturer :p Sadistic cartoonist killing everyone and me being dubbed as Super Rahman who is always reading an e-book. The endless supplies of food by the moms, from a simple muruku to ghee balls.
Seriously I can’t remember when was the last time that I had so much fun with a group of people like this, the experience is truly amazing, and one that I will always treasure.
To everyone, if you ever read this (I know a few will chance upon this :p) Know that this year has been one of my best years.
I say adieu, till we meet again :devil:
p/s: The lecturers were also great, but it was you ppl whom I spent most of my time with.