Holiday In Johor Bahru

Went to Johor Bahru to visit my parents, they are currently living there with my sister. Managed to spent a few days there.
On the way there, took the shorter route and arrived in 10 hours… meaning that we took to the hills and there was nothing but greens all the way there. Slept like a baby when I got there… haven’t had to drive long distances for quite a while 🙂 Our holiday there was not filled with sight seeing, but more like trying to cover as many shopping places as possible. 1st day there, we went to the biggest AEON in Southeast Asia, AEON Tebrau City….. and it was big… but couldn’t really explore the place as I brought along my parents and they were already tired after 1 round. But I did manage to make a pit stop to one of the bookshops and got 3 books… hehe
Second day, my wife wanted to see this famous place that made tableware, she learned about it from her friend, it was 80km from JB so we left early. The interesting bit about this place is that not only they make tableware under their own name, but they also produces for other brands, the few brands that I found was from UK and France. Forgot the name of the place is Claytan and its located in Ayer Hitam. My wife bought a set of for our home. Quite a nice set if I may say so.
In the afternoon we went out again and found our way to The Zon Duty Free, eventhough it says that it is duty free I can’t see any real differences for the price, even when looking at perfumes I think the price is almost the same as other places, then we got out and went ahead to Johor second biggest Aeon, hehe AEON Bukit Indah, they had a Crocs outlet over there, I bought a pair of shoes there, a model that they didn’t have in Kelantan, enticed by the promotion my wife bought one as well… hahah, she also went ahead and bought some clothes for herself.
The day after we went to Larkin’s wet market and bought some Nasi Beriyani spices and also bought some coffee. Then went to buy some clothes for the daughter at Danga City Mall..
I think JB has more shopping complexes per 10km radius than any other city in Malaysia, I mean come on, make a turn anywhere and you get to see another complex. I was told this was to cater to Singaporean shopping habits. Never mind as long as the price is cheap hehe :p
On the way back we used the scenic route, the wife wanted to see some beaches, so went back via the coastal towns, we got home after almost 12 hours on the road, the trip back was really more tiring than the way there.
Tiring but definitely satisfying, managed to visit my parents, had a chance to go shopping and just a little bit of sight seeing. It was a fruitful trip 😀 Now on to other things that I left hanging to go on a holiday hehehe 😀
Adieu :devil: