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Domain History
First registered circa 1998, as payment for a design. Lasted for 2 years. Pointed at The old website is still available at

As it happens I didn’t know how to renew the domain, I don’t own a credit card (nyesal la plak bapak offer masa f5 tak nak) So there goes the domain *poof* Devil

After much deliberation, and after deciding to kill my old website, I created this journal around April 2003. It used to be when I was working on the MAMPAN website. The website is now long gone. For the first few month it was password protected, I’m not so secure when it comes to my writing.

Then came the down time. I decided that I needed my own space. The site was mature enough to be released (yeah right) So I backed up the website, bought back my old domain name, and got myself a spanking new hosting.

It’s been 2 years since that day… The website has moved to a bigger hosting. And now it has hostees (hopefully more to come). I suppose it will be around for a few more years Grin

Domain Naming
The name is obviously because of my nick. And no the nick doesn’t really carry any meaning. The nick was actually justified after I started using it and not before. Was actually used on the undernet as an alter ego for me to chat on #teen and #teens (cenel melayu mana ada sgt pon). Some justification includes karl + bum .. karl for karl marx , I happen to have the same sort of radical / weird way of thinking. BUM obviously the brand. Though I don’t own a lot of the brand. I can say that I at least wear one item everyday that has the brand (nowadays). Previously I’d say the whole attire….

First Tagline was : A Journey of Love And Mishaps…
It is used because at that moment I was having a rather bad luck in my love life.. full of mishaps.

Second Tagline : A Surreal Horizon…
Used because that’s how I view the world today, with a skewed eye.. and a whole lot of cynicism…

Third Tagline : The Adventure Begins..
I’m starting anew my life, with a different direction, thus the tagline

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2 thoughts on “The Site

  1. waa~ bestnye baca sajak2 yg awk karang sendiri…amazing! saya pun suke karang sajak sndri, but lately im laking of idea..hehe…klau boleh saya nak baca semua sajak awk…and 1 more thing, poem…even poem u can make it by urself….*tabik2* …you’re such amazing person….saya suke cara awk mengarang…hope u’ll be success……..may ur life’s journey blessed with hope n success…flowers, *wink* …….. :-bd

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