First Day At Work

And it started rather weirdly, if you have read my last few entries you would know that the principal actually wanted me to start next month (July). But instead I got a call this morning, around 7 am from my uncle he said that I have to start work today. I was going hah? hah? then ok ok
I already missed my bus that is supposed to be at 7am. Had to take a cab, only arrived at school around 8. the case of the late teacher ehhehe. It was lucky that sunday is the “hari perhimpunan” so me being late wasn’t really noticed. First day maaa.. give me some slack…
Was lepaking half the day without doing anything, first of all because I have no schedules yet, and afterward after being given the schedules I saw that I already missed a class. Only managed to get to 2 classes today. Did the necessary intro. Short intro though, I wasn’t really in the mood to talk and the students didn’t really warmed up to me. So I gave them time off today. With the promise of some heavy learning tomorrow, as if :p Nota apa tarak ni weiii, need to get myself some textbooks quick. Guess I’ll have to do some vocab building exercises.. or something… if I don’t get it tomorrow.
A senior teacher requested that I be extra strict this time around, because they had a good time under the last teacher. No homework for 2 months.. good for them 😀 So I donned my garang look today. Managed to quiet down the class easily that way. Oh well they’ll see eventually I’m not of the garang type. Just another crazy old fella. :devil:
Oh well I need to get some shut eye….
:rose: Adieu

Of Processors and Peoples

Woke up quite early today, got a number of miscellaneous calls today, Pn. Rohaya and my mom…. Pn. Rohaya wanted me to delay the delivery of the processors ITC ordered. Mom just wanted to know how I was doing. So here I am at the office, very early.. no one else is around to be exact. The guys are still at home doing who knows what. Huhu, I’m stumped to what I’m going to say when the MDC people comes around. Most probably because my head is still full of concern of how my angel is doing. Is she still furious or has it subsided, oooo I’m in deep shit bebeh…. Wishful thinking, it won’t subside that easily, knowing what I did, and how possesive she is of me. I’m off to lunch, its lunch break anytime by office standards and I’m starving… didn’t have breakfast was in a hurry to get to the office.