Short Holiday 2008

My mid sem holiday is somewhat over. I’m already back at Gua Musang. Am here early so that I can start on the new timetable as well as properly putting the stuff that I moved from the old house.
So how did I spent my short holiday, basically there was not much that I did, I attended a relative’s wedding. It was a simple affair nothing grand but the atmosphere was definitely festive.
The Imam that did the solemnization was really funny, first he made the groom really nervous by purposely saying another person’s name. Then he gave the usual wedding sermon. After the solemnization is the really funny part. He then transformed into the wedding director. Even telling the newly weds what to do. For instance he told the groom to put on the ring to the wife’s finger and then counted so that the photographers get a chance to snap pictures. Then he instructed the groom to kiss the bride and then counted very fast saying that it needn’t be too long as they have other times to do it as long as they want.
On another note, Alya is not feeling pretty well lately she has been coughing and the doctor have given her some medication. But the cough have not really subsided so far.
Alya is also pretty heavy right now. When we weighted her at 1 month old she was already 3.6kg an increment of 500 grams then at 2 months old her weight shot up to 4.7kg. I bet when we weigh her next she’ll be close to 6 or 7kg.
Till next time
Adieu :rose:

One Down, A Few Dozen More To Go

For the past 2 days, I’ve been camping it out at my relative’s house. As a cousin of mine was getting married (she’s 1 year older than me).
Helped out a bit with the preparation. Killed my second cow (the 1st one was Qurban from a Hari Raya a few years past) Relearning the different names for the meat. Musey(Tenderloin), Kasih(Faux-filet) and so on (I’m not so sure of the English names :p)
Everything went smoothly I suppose, the ceremony was on Thursday, and then there was some light refreshment (not so light considering it involved rice) afterwards, with Lamb as the main dish.
The real event was on Friday, (picture taking, tepung tawar, and what’s not) where a big luncheon was prepared. (that’s what the cow was for). Glad that it was a friday so that everything only started after Friday prayer, but it sure did drag on till evening, with streams of people coming in non-stop.
Now I’m tired and wish only to sleep 🙂
Adieu :devil:
p/s: Read my next entry 🙂

Siri Perkara Bosan Yang Orang Buat Bila Cuti

Minggu lepas, 3 Mei sepupu aku kenduri kahwin (ok ni tak la bosan). Letih gila aku rasa, seb baik aku pemalas, slalu escape dr buat kerja. Gotong-royong start dr hari Jumaat lagi…. banyak jugak benda nak prepare… aku rasa seb baik jugak la cousin aku tu ada la jugak 2 3 org adik beradik laki… kalau tak gamak patah la pinggang…. On the whole, fun la jugak, bukan selalu pun gotong-royong kita org nih… hari kenduri boleh tahan gak meriah, ramai la jugak org datang, nak jadi crite… sepupu aku ni satu skola ngan aku and tua setahun jer dr aku.. so cikgu yg datang tu pun semua cikgu aku.. kawan-kawan dia yg datang pon dr jauh lagi dah kata “cam kenal jerrr”… tapi aku biasa la jawapan aku mesti “err tak kenal la”. ekekek pemalu la konon… isteri cousin aku tu pun satu batch ngan cousin aku… pepaham la…. berduyun jer budak sekolah aku kat situ… seb baik aku pandai menyamar jadi tiang seri rumah…. waheheheh sambil tutup muka dengan kamera… so kenduri tu pun kira berjaya la jugak.. lauk pun banyak lebih sampai aku dua tiga hari dok makan gulai baki kenduri.. ekekek…
Pastu biasanya lepak rumah ni, aku tak berapa leh duduk diam sgt… especially pagi and petang… mesti ada jer yg aku kena buat…. lap kereta tu dah jadi rutin harian… gali lubang untuk tanam serpihan simen pun slalu jugak (rumah aku renovate byk simen bersepah)…. korek lubang pastu tanamkan segala macam batu la apa la…. tu ada dekat 2 3 petang jugak aku duk buat… hari ni ayah aku suruh pergi korek parit, parit depan rumah aku dah siap tinggal separuh jer lubang dia… penuh dengan tanah + air simen…. memang air takleh jalan…. pergi la korek…. pastu gi buang kat tanah tu kat tepi kebun…. dapat la jugak 3 kereta sorong, tanah yg dlm tu..
Amacam.. boring tak rutin seharian aku…. demi mengeluarkan peluh dan tak mahu ternak lemak.. :p
[Listening to: Bomfunks MCs – Something Going On (3:49)]

The Bestman and The Cameraman

Sunday… A friend and I went to Sungai Petani to attend a friend’s wedding, friend/boss :p My friend was the bestman, and I as usual the cameraman.
It was tiring :hypno: My day started at 8 am that day. Started our journey from Penang around 8.30 am. Managed to catch the groom at his house. We had to go and fetch the bride at Kuala Nerang for the “Sambut Menantu” phase. That’s another 2 hour ride. Even managed to get some shut eye during the journey :p
Got to the bride’s house at around 11pm and now starts my work as a cameraman…. had to get some good candid shots. So I was taking shots there and here… from the bride’s house to the Mak Andam’s place… and also at the groom’s house.
Managed to get a few good shots along the way… and had fun as well. My friend who had to be the bestman was exasperated… he doesn’t really like the attention.. And managed to catch him blushing a few times.. 🙂 (if you are reading sorry ek) And I was tagging with the groom’s sister gossiping about him and the bride’s maid .. bwahaha… he never knew what was coming…
I was tired and tried a few times to go back a few times…. but everytime I was stopped. The groom’s mom would go “Eh Man tunggu la kejap lagi”, or the sister “Ai cepatnya nak balik” or worse! the groom “Potong Gaji!!!”. I only managed to get away around 5.30 pm and still the groom was saying.. “tunggu la makan lagi sekali” aiyoo… letih worrrrr… tarak larat… mau balik tidorrrr.
Finally he relented and let me and my friend go back. And his mom gave us tons of food with the admonition “3 hari takyah makan luar tu”. And something about anak yatim piatu kelaparan :p
Got back to my room at around 6.30pm… was so damn tired slept from 7.30 till midnight… huhu…
:rose: Adieu
p/s: There were tons of lovely girls at this wedding 🙂 Ekekek cuci mata!!!

Penang KL Kelantan

What did I do in KL, all I can tell you it was hectic, I arrived in KL on saturday afternoon, for my relative’s wedding. He’s considered as an uncle to me, my mom’s cousin actually. Was getting married to his univ sweetheart. Auwwww (say auww ppl). I missed the “akad nikah” which was held that morning. Went around to FRIM, coz they were meeting up over there. There were doing the “berinai” thingy that night. I managed to finish up a whole roll of film under 15 minutes, which then left me only to my digicam which didnt hold up much. Hehe 🙂
Left around 11pm to my cousin’s place. Introduced him to my latest reading material. At Large, the story about the biggest hack (non fiction). And managed to get him to sleep late by giving him my Initial D collection, which he got hooked right from the start 😀 Ahahahah, me bad!

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