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20 August 2008

Short Holiday 2008

My mid sem holiday is somewhat over. I’m already back at Gua Musang. Am here early so that I can start on the new timetable as well as properly putting the stuff that I moved from the old house. So how did I spent my short holiday, basically there was not much that I did, I attended a relative’s wedding. It was a simple affair […]

19 November 2004

One Down, A Few Dozen More To Go

For the past 2 days, I’ve been camping it out at my relative’s house. As a cousin of mine was getting married (she’s 1 year older than me). Helped out a bit with the preparation. Killed my second cow (the 1st one was Qurban from a Hari Raya a few years past) Relearning the different names for the meat. Musey(Tenderloin), Kasih(Faux-filet) and so on (I’m […]

9 May 2004

Siri Perkara Bosan Yang Orang Buat Bila Cuti

Minggu lepas, 3 Mei sepupu aku kenduri kahwin (ok ni tak la bosan). Letih gila aku rasa, seb baik aku pemalas, slalu escape dr buat kerja. Gotong-royong start dr hari Jumaat lagi…. banyak jugak benda nak prepare… aku rasa seb baik jugak la cousin aku tu ada la jugak 2 3 org adik beradik laki… kalau tak gamak patah la pinggang…. On the whole, fun […]

15 December 2003

The Bestman and The Cameraman

Sunday… A friend and I went to Sungai Petani to attend a friend’s wedding, friend/boss :p My friend was the bestman, and I as usual the cameraman. It was tiring :hypno: My day started at 8 am that day. Started our journey from Penang around 8.30 am. Managed to catch the groom at his house. We had to go and fetch the bride at Kuala […]

4 June 2003

Penang KL Kelantan

What did I do in KL, all I can tell you it was hectic, I arrived in KL on saturday afternoon, for my relative’s wedding. He’s considered as an uncle to me, my mom’s cousin actually. Was getting married to his univ sweetheart. Auwwww (say auww ppl). I missed the “akad nikah” which was held that morning. Went around to FRIM, coz they were meeting […]