Tag: shopping

30 June 2004

I Slept In The Bus

Hehe, yeah on my way back from school (aiceh cam kekanak la pulak) I slept on the bus, and oopss I missed my stop, and had to get down at the town… damn! My dad called me first before I managed to call home, and asked, “kat mana tu” hehe had to tell him I was in town. He promised to pick me up…. Waited […]

23 June 2004

My Dad Went Shopping

Why the topic, because that’s exactly what happened. Yesterday, I went to collect some rental money from our tenant (we are renting out a place that I used to live in) So after that my dad said, “lets go look for some shirts for you”. I have a very small collection of officewears so my dad was gonna buy me some new shirts heheh.. free […]

11 October 2003


Fav shopping items in no specific order… 1. Computer Parts 2. CD – VCD, Programs (no games!) 3. Books :love: And that is just it. The reason why my room at home is cluttered with tons of VCD and books.. (I tend to leave a lot of books by the bedside) I don’t really buy new clothes. Prefering to wear old clothes that are more […]