We Teach

~We teach
  because there is a great fulfillment that comes 
  in working with boys
  and girls.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be sculptors,
  and We can do so,
  by shaping lives for the future.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be artists,
  and We can do so,
  by painting dreams for children.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be musicians,
  and We can,
  in giving inspiration to children.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be historians,
  and We can 
  in having recorded something
  for the lives of great men to come.
~We teach
  because We wanted to be poets,
  and We can
  in writing impressive passages of mankind.
~We teach
  because of the reward
  We receive when a child's frown turns to smiles,
  or when he/she says, "Now We understand."
~We teach
  because of the personal growth We receive each day
  as  We venture out on a quest
  for knowledge and techniques
  to help our students understand.
~We teach
  for it is in this where We can see the worthwhile
  and true fulfillment of living.

Originally a poem entitled “I teach” , was done as a choral speech during my KPLI days. Credit to the original poet.

Anak Kecil Berlari-lari

Anak kecil berlari-lari,
Riang, gembira, sambil tertawa,
Indah sungguh ibu pertiwi,
Aman, damai, sentiasa.
Nun jauh di sana,
Anak kecil berlari-lari,
Sedih, berlinangan air mata,
Berlari, menyelamatkan diri.
Tidakkah kau lihat wahai kawan,
Bumi bertuah, hijau melata,
Syukurlah diri wahai kawan,
Bumi bertuah, milik kita.
Nun jauh disana,
Buminya masih berlinangan air mata,
Darah merah, segar mengalir,
Anak kecil menangis kesepian,
Mencari-cari, erti kehilangan.
Tanah mereka diceroboh,
Mereka dipermain-mainkan,
Pertiwi dilanyak, diroboh,
Dimana ertinya kemerdekaan.
Indah sungguh ibu pertiwi,
Aman, damai, sentiasa,
Erti merdeka penuh dihati,
Marilah kita menghayatinya,
Luahkanlah perasaan hati,
Launglah merdeka sekuat hati,
Merdeka… Merdeka….. Merdeka…
p/s: Sajak ini dideklamasikan sempena pelancaran bulan kemerdekaan peringkat sekolah pd 17/08/06

Sonnet 17 and 3 Quarters

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s bray?
Thou art more ugly and more desperate.
Rough winds do shake the fleas of May,
And summer fortunately hath to short a blind date;
Sometime the eye of heaven shall not shine,
And often is his cold complexion dirtied;
And every fur from furs so bovine,
By chance, and nature’s crazy course, untrimm’d;
But thy equine summer shall not fade,
Nor keep possession of the furs thou ow’st;
Nor shall Death want thou wand’rest in his shade,
When with swine thou shall stay’st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives fear to thee.
*note: my lecturer said something about this being sacrilegious :p

Where Is The Boy?

Where are all the butterflies that once were?
Where are all the smiles that you had?
Where is the boy that you once were?
Where is the joy that you once had?
For once, you were a boy,
Who had all the smiles in life,
Having fun, full of joy,
Running, and catching butterflies.
You were a joy to see,
Full of bursting energy,
A boy playing with his butterflies,
Caring for nothing but his life.
I long to see the butterflies again,
The boy playing in the field once more,
The smiles in your face again,
Joy fills your life once more,
Where is that boy that you once were?
Where is the joy that you once had?
Where are all the butterflies that once were?
Where are all the smiles that you had?
Note: Written around 7 am right before I went off to my Maktab. Another one of my submissions.

Veiled Love

Veiled Love by karlbum / rahman
Where are you my love,
Are you in my grasp?
Or are you someone’s love,
Have you not heard my wisp?
There you are my love,
Seeming so near…
Yet in truth my love,
You are so far…
My veiled love,
Shall I proceed;
And face what I feared,
An unrequited love.
Or shall I stay my hand,
And watched from afar;
What I never planned,
But wants to be apart.
Shall you wait for me my love?
For I dream of you night and day
Can you wait for me my love?
For I shall bring forth the day
The day when I say it,
The words of love and adherence;
Will you have it,
Or take it with indifference.
And still I ask,
Where are you my love,
Are you in my grasp?
Or someone else’s love….
Note: Written in my lil’ bedroom after a cozy day at work.

Ada Yang Bertanya

Ada yang bertanya,
Mengapa air mata mu mengalir,
Lantas ku katakan kerana aku menangis
Ada yang bertanya,
Mengapa engkau menangis,
Lantas ku khabarkan aku berduka
Ada yang bertanya,
Mengapa cerita mu duka,
Lantas ku beritakan hati ku terusik
Ada yang bertanya,
Mengapa hati mu terusik,
Lantas ku ceritakan kisah cintaku
Ada yang bertanya,
Mengapa kisah cintamu,
Lantas ku terdiam
Nota: Sajak spontan yg dibuat sewaktu chatting irc. 🙂

Aidil Fitri 2003

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
The Blue Mosque, Turkey (c) 2001 Robert Downie @ philiphuang.com (edited by karlbum)
Kembali Ke Pangkuan Lebaran oleh karlbum
Lebaran menyinar kembali,
Penat lelah sebulan terubati,
Rasa rindu semakin membara,
Teringat sahabat serta saudara.
Lebaran menyapa sekali lagi,
Diufuk pagi nan suci,
Kanak-kanak ketawa riang,
Si remaja semakin girang.
Lebaran kembali menyinsing,
Hadiah dari ilahi,
Marilah kita ziarah-menziarahi,
Rakan dan taulan yang kian terasing.
Lebaran menjelma kembali,
menyegar kembali jiwa ini,
seribu keinsafan dirasa,
seribu kemaafan ku pinta.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin 🙂

Gurindam Jiwa Merana

Hati gundah gulana,
Terseksa jiwa merana,
Tak terperi kesakitan,
Tanpa kesudahan
Hati gundah gulana,
Jiwa meronta-ronta,
Apakah indah apakah kerana,
Jiwa ku meminta minta,
Hati gundah gulana,
Sakitnya tidak terperi,
Lemah badan tidak kerana,
Sakit bukan umpama duri,
Hati gundah gulana,
Sakit nian tak bermadah
Bilakah akan bernoktah,
Terseksa jiwa merana.
Nota: Cuba untuk menggunakan kiasan sebanyak mungkin, menggunakan unsur-unsur bahasa klasik. 🙂

Walking In A Dream Land

I walk upon this lovely land
the land of my dream,
and yet i still remember my land,
a land that haunts my dream.
Di bumi ini aku mencari sebuah erti,
erti sebuah kehidupan,
dibumi sana aku diberi erti,
permulaan sebuah kehidupan.
Walking upon this land,
I remember my own land,
I long to be home, on my land,
I long to be in Malaysia, my homeland.
Hati Ku resah di sini,
Sentiasa saja terkenangkan pertiwi,
Hati Ku bukan di sini,
Sentiasa di sana, di pertiwi
Walking upon this foreign land,
I always remember my land,
The land of my people,
A land of great people.
Ku lihat mereka yang bertebaran,
Mereka yang bertebaran bersamaku
Apakah engkau sudah hilang ingatan,
ingatan tentang asal diri mu?
Have they forgetten their homeland?
Where their parents toils the land?
Have they ignored their calling,
A land of their own calling?
Ku berdiri dari jauh, hanya terdaya,
Hanya terdaya untuk mendoakan,
Mendoakan mereka yang bertebaran,
Kembali mengingati Malaysia…
Note: This poem was created especially for a friend who wanted something to recite for her Merdeka Day presentation. And here it goes… The theme requested was that of a traveller in another land. Longing for home… and seeing everyone else forgetting home.. Another request was also to make it in 2 language… it is not done in a translation form rather it is done in 2 poems that is severely(rigidly) connected 🙂
Note2: Created under minimum time restraint this is not my best poem… 🙂 Do comment
Note3: Other working titles include : Traveller In A Dream Land

The Unfaithful Lover

Part 1 – Flitting Love
Would thee be happy to know I love thee,
Oh my dearest rose.. would thee,
I seek not thine’s love,
I seek only to profess my love,
My divine devotion to thee,
Can it be compared to a summer breeze?
Flitting, from time to time,
Yet there for all time…
Part 2 – Egoistic Man
Should I be in thee’s heart
For I seek not thy’s heart
As sure as I love thee
I would not be thee’s
For I cannot devote myself to one
Thus I cannot be thine’s
It would do grave injustice,
To all the women who craves me.
Note: This poem is done as an intentional pun for my friends… :p you know who u are… the 1st part is for a friend who happily seeks love of others… then 2nd part is for a friend that has too many “peminat” ahahahah… no hard feelings ok 🙂
Note2: This poem has been edited, to better the theme and such… If you have read it before.. try looking for the changes