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14 November 2016

Supermoon 2016

Was excited about the supermoon today as most ppl would be, but more important errands had to be done and i was only able to take pictures of it at 9.30pm.. almost at the end of it and that was after the heavy cloud subsided. So after taking 75 photos of it, this is the only 1 that is good enough. Till we meet again […]

16 October 2004

Sri Mutiara Pics

As promised I have uploaded the pictures from the Sri Mutiara Photoshoot, albeit a bit late. 😀 (6 months late) 61 Pictures in altogether from the shoot taken by me. Enjoy Full size images and more at Sri Mutiara Photoshoot Gallery Late Addition : The original post is here *Sri Mutiara Photoshoot*. I managed to get in as I was asked to help in the […]

11 April 2004

Sri Mutiara Photoshoot

It was a wonderful day, managed to settle a lot of stuff here at USM, going up and down thru the bureaucracy here at USM and such. And then, I was given a surprise, a priviledge of a sort. I was invited by my friend Aiman to join him and his senior, Sarly and Junaidi. They were going to document Sri Mutiara’s interior design. So […]

15 December 2003

The Bestman and The Cameraman

Sunday… A friend and I went to Sungai Petani to attend a friend’s wedding, friend/boss :p My friend was the bestman, and I as usual the cameraman. It was tiring :hypno: My day started at 8 am that day. Started our journey from Penang around 8.30 am. Managed to catch the groom at his house. We had to go and fetch the bride at Kuala […]

12 August 2003

Convocation Shit

Is that a bad title? pahhh it’s as good as any…. and why would I say that? The main reason is I’m supposed to be graduating this year… but I didn’t graduate this year…. why is that… oh a lecturer just decided to hold my marks and instead failed me….. all for one silly test that I didn’t go to.. Oh oh.. now u know […]