Hello Are U Deaf

Don’t you just hate it when one of those stupid phone blares down in the middle of a good movie…. Oh I can’t even remember the number of times I felt like smacking ppl in the face just for that.. only self control and the thought of the person being able to sue me back kept me in my chairs…
Most ppl just don’t know the proper manner for mobile use.. I mean can’t u just see the signs before entering the movie hall that explicitly says no hphone…. If only that can be considered a crime against the law. Now wouldnt that be interesting.. how many ppl would be caught and fined… hehehehe
Outside our country it is permissible to use mobile jammers that can jam ur phone signals.. anyway according to the star…. our law doesn’t allow that… but hehehe 🙂 I know a place where that jammer has been used.. my local univ library to be exact. One fine day.. I went there to look for a book and as I was about to turn the phone into silent mode I noticed that there was no signal.. heck I know that the place is always bad for reception but not a single bar? Hmm then I read a notice saying that they were using a jammer inside the library… Haha interesting… considering the fact that it’s against our law to use it….
Now how did they go about that? Some ppl higher up must be very good eh… but heck I’ll send an email soon enough to the admin….
Ok enough of that.. go read the article at The Star
And here’s the regulation involved at the MCMC
And the acts at the MCMC