Sniping vs Daylight Murder

Sniping has nowaday become a popular form of picture taking. Sniping is when you take other people’s picture discreetly. FYI, sniping is usually done on those handphone with cameras. So be warned that there are thousand of snipers out there, armed with Camphone (megapixel or VGA) trying to take pictures of anything. As per norm the preferences for subject matter is girls.
There’s also another technique which I’d like to call Daylight Murder as it involved you taking pictures openly. This for me is the best way, and perhaps much much more polite to the people around you. And you have no qualms about being caught. As you are already doing it in the open. Thus far I have had no legal problems with this technique. And it has worked wonders for me.

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Digital SLR

As some ppl might have noticed/known that I am just crazy over Nikon cameras… my latest obsession is Nikon D2H. Its not an ordinary digital camera, its a true Digital SLR… meaning it can take Lenses from an other 35mm Nikon SLRs (certain models)… Now that’s what u call a truly awesome camera. Plus, u might have seen the binocular in MI:2 that can transmit images to nearby computer… guess what this camera can really do that, and it’s not a trick.. u can even remote control it! Now u would understand why I would go gaga 8-} over this camera…… Now all I need is someone to buy me the camera… anybody out there who forgot to buy me a birthday present? Hehehe
Still remember that it took me a year to save money to buy myself my F60… this one would take me around 5 years? or more? Heheh or forever? For a hobbyist I’m goddamn crazy about these kind of camera….
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