What A Girl Wants

Weee ok la, the movie was quite ok, though it is sort of another Princess Diaries, another Cinderella movie with a twist… They even mentioned Cinderella for god sake, here’s the not so direct quote 🙂
Daphne: “Hey step sis, you’ve seen Cinderella, I’m Cinderella, you are the evil step sister, I’m gonna win”
Clarissa: “huh…… ”
That’s how vain the movie was 🙂 but it sure was funny… now how about some thriller? Phone Booth starring Collin Farrel is next on the list..
You might be wondering why the heck am I writing about these movies when the hype is all about Matrix 2 and X-Men 2.. that is the reason.. all those hypes.. I’ve seen both, I’ve enjoyed both… but I aint gonna say a word edgewise.. I’ll leave that to other people… 😀
Meanwhile I’m currently occupied making some VCD out of my Initial D sets.. Anybody want’s a copy?