Another Boring Day In Wonderland

Yeah, it’s another boring day, actually very boring.. decided to watch a few movies. Got to see Scooby Doo 2 and Walking Tall.


For Scooby Doo, I won’t recommend anyone seeing it unless u want to reminisce the good old days of watching the cartoon. As said for the previous movie, the selection for Shaggy’s character was on spot. This time around the plotline was lamer. Revisiting the old premises for the cartoon with a little effect to spice things up, and that’s it. Have a go if you just want to laugh for no reason or simply because you just hate those scary moviessss.. :p
Walking Tall, hmm considering the fact that this is a loosely based remake which was a true story. It was quite ok. But mainly its an action film so don’t expect to see the any historical similarity or anything. The Rock’s character was loosely based on the legendary “Sheriff Buford Pusser”. Simply put, good guy meet up with bad guy = tons of action plus Johnny “JackAss” Knoxville as the lunatic sidekick 🙂 u get action, u get comedy. And for myself I simply enjoyed watching some ass being kicked.
Adios.. now time for another round of movie…

A Trip And A Date

Watched 2 movies recently.. that’s Euro Trip and 50 First Dates.


EuroTrip, as the name implies is a story about a trip to europe. But I can tell u this, the premise for the movie was lame. Basically its about this boy who discovered that his internet friend is actually a gorgeous looking german babe. And decided to seek her out. And that’s it… yet after all that it was rather entertaining. If you consider stupid jokes entertaining that is 😀 But hey.. it was ok la. Not so sure that the movie will ever get here because of nude scenes… But heck the nude scenes was hilarious…. 50++ nude men chasing the main characters.. 😀 If that’s not funny… I don’t know what else tickles u.
Its a different thing for 50 First Dates, another Happy Madison / Adam Sandler movie. As usual there’s the load of slapstick jokes. But not much as this is a romantic comedy, which I consider as sweet. Adam Sandler falling in love with Drew Barrymore, which happens to have a short term memory problem… She can’t remember anything that happens the day before… The sentiment of a guy who has to make a girl fall in love with him every other day is sweet. A recommended viewing for the young couples hehe :p
So officially according to my Monkey Factor Rating System I’d give EuroTrip :monkey: :monkey: + :pig: and for 50 1st Dates… :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: Weeeee
:rose: Adieu
p/s: Up Next… Starsky & Hutch, Big Bounce… any suggestion on what movie I should get next…