I’m Back With A Smile

Fuuuu fuuu, I’m back! The short hiatus is over… My exam is finally over. With a bang I might say… :p Feels good to get that over and done with.
So today I went out with a friend and watched Monalisa Smile. And at the end of the show… i felt as if tears were coming out…. so you might call me a sissy for watching a girly movie and almost crying, but heck the fine acting got to me. Not to mention the fact that I’ve always loved the two Julias 🙂 And I might say that Julia Stiles acting this time around is ermm not plain, but somehow she managed to keep a low tone that she almost blend in with the other co-actors and leaving Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst to take the limelight. The human drama depicted in it was also fine even if it mainly centres on the plight of a feminist. (A fine point to note that is you are for male rights u are called a chauvinistic pig. But not the same for a feminist?). Also to note this is the first film produced by Red Om Production. Thats Moder backward. Moder happens to be Julia Roberts’s latest husband.
A must see for ppl who wish to save budget and see all 3 fine actresses together in a movie :p And for the storyline too of course 😀
Ok. Till next time
:rose: Adieu

Finally No More Neo

Didn’t accomplish much today, was thinking of actually going out and buying a ticket to Penang. But it was raining and I hate walking in the rain. Ekekekek…
Instead I watched Matrix Revolutions….. it all comes down to one simple thing in the matrix. Everything is about balance, balancing the equation. Here’s one simple equation for u to ponder.
Neo – Neo + X = X ; X = World
If -Neo = Smith;
When Neo = 0,
Smith = -(0)
Neo = -Smith
0 = 0 (balance achieved)
Conclusion don’t use math to describe a movie, it will confuse people. But then again that is exactly what happened in the matrix. Hehehehhe. Oh there was also the “Every Beginning Has An End” thingy.. sounds like a software lifecycle to me.

Movie Spree Week

I have blocked nose, I sound like a character from a cartoon or something.. The fever doesn’t want to subside… perhaps have to telan a few more medicine :sick:
Gonna try to watch at least the Italian Job by evening 🙂 There is also Agent Cody Banks which I want to watch yet have’nt been able to find the time yet. Yes you can expect a lot of movie review from me 🙂 Especially movies that have not been shown in Malaysia yet. Anyway what good if I can see movies if I don’t atleast say a word about it eh ?
Ok in response to nette’s question on whether 2 Fast 2 Furious is worth a watch, I’d say yes and no. The storyline is quite ok, the race scenes are way cool, everyone race has something nice about it. But still somehow it lacks something compared to Fast n Furious. And concerning the stars I’d give the movie 2 :monkey: coz it was fun and a :rose: for the cute girls in it 🙂 . Oh btw there’s less technical mumbo jumbo this time.. they just race… no more mention of NOS or anything 🙂
[Listening to: Open Your Heart – Westlife – (3:39)]