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3 March 2004

I’m Back With A Smile

Fuuuu fuuu, I’m back! The short hiatus is over… My exam is finally over. With a bang I might say… :p Feels good to get that over and done with. So today I went out with a friend and watched Monalisa Smile. And at the end of the show… i felt as if tears were coming out…. so you might call me a sissy for […]

8 November 2003

Finally No More Neo

Didn’t accomplish much today, was thinking of actually going out and buying a ticket to Penang. But it was raining and I hate walking in the rain. Ekekekek… Instead I watched Matrix Revolutions….. it all comes down to one simple thing in the matrix. Everything is about balance, balancing the equation. Here’s one simple equation for u to ponder. Neo – Neo + X = […]

12 June 2003

Movie Spree Week

I have blocked nose, I sound like a character from a cartoon or something.. The fever doesn’t want to subside… perhaps have to telan a few more medicine :sick: Gonna try to watch at least the Italian Job by evening 🙂 There is also Agent Cody Banks which I want to watch yet have’nt been able to find the time yet. Yes you can expect […]