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31 August 2008

51st National Day

Today is our nation’s 51st national day, yes I prefer the word national day as opposed to “independence”. Why? First of all I truly believe we have not even one bit loosen the shackles that was left by our colonizer. Our minds and our lifestyle is still tied to the old ways as dictated by them. Second one is, because Malaysia was only born years […]

19 August 2006

Anak Kecil Berlari-lari

Anak kecil berlari-lari, Riang, gembira, sambil tertawa, Indah sungguh ibu pertiwi, Aman, damai, sentiasa. Nun jauh di sana, Anak kecil berlari-lari, Sedih, berlinangan air mata, Berlari, menyelamatkan diri. Tidakkah kau lihat wahai kawan, Bumi bertuah, hijau melata, Syukurlah diri wahai kawan, Bumi bertuah, milik kita. Nun jauh disana, Buminya masih berlinangan air mata, Darah merah, segar mengalir, Anak kecil menangis kesepian, Mencari-cari, erti kehilangan. Tanah […]

31 August 2004

47th Merdeka

My merdeka celebration this year, was … normal? Did nothing much actually… just went to my mom’s school for a few hours as they were having an “Ambang Merdeka” thingy. Took a few pictures of the various performances…. the cutest performance was surely the one by the pre-schoolers… and they had also a nasyid group comprised mostly of standard 2 and 3s …. and as […]

29 August 2003

Walking In A Dream Land

I walk upon this lovely land the land of my dream, and yet i still remember my land, a land that haunts my dream. Di bumi ini aku mencari sebuah erti, erti sebuah kehidupan, dibumi sana aku diberi erti, permulaan sebuah kehidupan. Walking upon this land, I remember my own land, I long to be home, on my land, I long to be in Malaysia, […]