I Won An Ewido???

I was just surfing around the internet, just wasting time. When I spotted a forum with a topic titled “Winners of the CoU Second Anniversary Celebration!”, and I scrolled down and lo and behold mr karlbum is a lucky draw winner!!! Apparently I won a free software courtesy of said forum, but a year ago!!!! A forum that I don’t even remember registering for, so I checked when I registered on that forum, guess what? I registered in 2003!! No wonder I have not a clue what the forum is all about. But as it is, I won a software named Ewido Security Suite Plus, and even that software doesn’t exist anymore, it has been bought over by the Grisoft group and renamed.
Lucky enough to be randomly picked to get a free software, but unlucky enough to get it in Oct 2005, a period of time that I did not have time to check my email due to the fact that it was actually my last few months at maktab and I was very busy with assignments and preparing for finals. Just my luck I guess. C’est la vie 🙂