Changing My Status

In a month’s time I will be changing my status, will no longer be a bachelor, but married. 🙂 As some of you might noticed I slowed down a bit on blogging this year. The reason being that every time I started to write I seemed to blurt that bit out and because the fiancee prefers that our relationship be kept out of the net, I usually revert to just deleting the entry.
In tandem with keeping things on the quiet end, my wedding will only be a small and simple affair, with only my relatives, and close friends invited for the wedding. Not even going as far as creating a website for it 🙂
So till next time, Adieu :rose:

Veiled Love

Veiled Love by karlbum / rahman
Where are you my love,
Are you in my grasp?
Or are you someone’s love,
Have you not heard my wisp?
There you are my love,
Seeming so near…
Yet in truth my love,
You are so far…
My veiled love,
Shall I proceed;
And face what I feared,
An unrequited love.
Or shall I stay my hand,
And watched from afar;
What I never planned,
But wants to be apart.
Shall you wait for me my love?
For I dream of you night and day
Can you wait for me my love?
For I shall bring forth the day
The day when I say it,
The words of love and adherence;
Will you have it,
Or take it with indifference.
And still I ask,
Where are you my love,
Are you in my grasp?
Or someone else’s love….
Note: Written in my lil’ bedroom after a cozy day at work.

Woke Up In The Dead Of The Night

Woke up around 3 am today, not surprising though, been doing this for quite a while… sleeping early and waking up wayyyy early… slept at 11 and woke up at 3, guess nowadays my supposed limit is 4 hours…. but heck I still continue on sleeping most of the times..
Just that today I felt that I needed to write something before it goes away altogether from my mind… I’m still thinking of something that happened a few weeks back. What happened surely fits my title… it was surreal…

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What Should A Guy Do?

Yeah what should a guy do? when told that a girl likes him, by her good friend too. Should he act indifferently in front of the girl or just run off? I chose to act indifferent at first, but I realized it was stupid. I was just delaying something that is inevitable. Something that at the end of the day I have to face again. And yes, I have told in her face that I don’t have any feelings for her, though not in a direct manner.
And inevitably her friend barged in again, and I had to tell her to stop matchmaking and to stop giving hope to the girl. It’s not the fact that I have a girlfriend or even another girl in mind, it’s just the fact that I’m just happy being single, finding joy in being single, without needing to think if what I do in my everyday life would lead to my other half hating it or just being plain jealous. As always the best friend refused to see that a guy can be happy single. O yeah single is soooo mundane, so I told her ask your friend this “Does she wants to experience the reason why my other girlfriend dumped me? If yes she is welcomed to a 3 month relationship with me”. Yes 3 month is my marker point, my relationship rarely lasted beyond that point. But heck no, she says “Do not let past relationship clouds your judgment and hinder you from loving and being loved”. I should have told her that love is good and all fine with me, but the important part is, I want to be happy. Not loving someone and being utterly miserable. Those days of mucking around is over. I hope. I’d rather flirt around than having an unstable relationship, and cause more pain to myself and whoever it is that is unlucky enough to be my partner.
That’s being said, I truly hate it when girls have the opinion that all single guy are out to find a girl (basically themselves). No, not all guy and least of all me, while I can be seen as rather flirtatious all I want is a friend.
Sorry if this entry hurts some people, but I have to break it out one way or another.
:rose: Adieu
p/s: Exam is over, I’m at home again 🙂

How Can You Forget Someone?

The topic has come up a few times lately in my conversation with friends and also with my cousin. We were talking about how can we best forget someone… how can we let someone go… and my solution at that moment seemed so simple.
I told them that when you break up with anyone… you tend to only remember the good part, the good times… all the fun things you did together.. the nice memories… and remembering this will make you depressed as you will question your judgment then.. you will ask “why did u break up with him”, “where did it all went wrong” and more whys..
When that happens never just remember the good part of your relationship.. try to remember the bad part… the part where everything went wrong.. all the hurt that u got courtesy of the relationship…. the part where bad thing happens as if on a collision course…
That’s how you forget ppl, that’s how you recover from them. Seed a little hatred and let it remind you of all that.. never too much hatred mind you for it will make you an ugly person. Whenever I miss them, and sort of want em back, I always remember the hurt they gave me.. it may make me a cold hearted person (I am) but at least I feel stronger.. empowered to control my own life. 🙂
:rose: Adieu
[Listening to: Sheila On 7 – Sebuah Kisah Klasik (4:02)]
p/s: comment closed due to severe abuse by ppl thinking this is a place to talk about their ex. get help ppl!!!

My Ex Girlfriend From Ipoh

Among the weirdest thing that happened to me when I was at home was the fact that my mom started talking about my ex.
Considering the fact that I didn’t tell her about that particular ex. I was feeling dazed and confused. How the heck did she know….. The thing is my mom called her… and seemed to have a veryyy long talk with her. It was real scary! My mom talking to my ex. I have absolutely no idea what was going on between them. The only few things that I managed to glean out from what my mom was saying is that they talked about me (obviously) and why I broke up with her, and my spider sense tingled…. She must have said some bad things about me because my mom doesn’t seem too comfortable with it. Hmmm, I wonder what that lil lady told her.
Later on I found out how my mom got her phone number and name. Apparently she was trying to find my friend’s phone number so she could relay a message to me, as my phone went dead on me. She found a letter from my ex stashed in a conference bag of mine while trying to find my phone book. I should have put it in a locked drawer! Stupid…. :p And I had to explain to my mom why I didn’t tell her about that ex. Haiyo the relationship only lasted for 4 months. I saw no reason to tell my mom about that particular short-lived relationship. 😀 My mom really likes to keep track of my love life… Huhu…
:rose: Adieu
p/s: Now you know why my life sucks :p

What Do You Look For?

This is a long overdue entry, this entry was originally sparked by a conversation I had while I was on my road trip sometime back with my bestfriend. We talked about his love life and my love life. Categories of men… and how women look at men.. and so on and so forth…
Among the things that we talked about was what is it that girls look for in a guy. Being ppl with scientific backgrounds, we manage to divide guys into 3 major group, which as always with human sciences .. is interrelated and is overlapping is some major areas. (yes, we are nerdy and a bit out of the loop :p)
So what is the groups? Group A is the macho guy with the look and physical prowess (and maybe some moolah). Group B is your typical romantic, sensitive type of guy. and Group C is the dependable guy. (either financially or emotionally or both). The grouping is very subjective 🙂 But mostly determined on the major points of a guy. He can be sensitive and dependable but maybe he’s more sensitive? He maybe macho and dependable, but he may rely on his machoistic nature to attract girls. You get what I mean 🙂
So we managed to group guys according to what girls tends to look for. But let us step back and begin to wonder… what type of girl would go for a particular kind of guy? After some groping around, we best concluded it is based on the maturity of the girl/woman. Because the trend is, as the girl gets more mature, she tends to look beyond the physical look of a person, and begins to see what’s underneath (as is with any other sane being).
my conclusion on that day was that girls that go for Group C (dependable) is usually 25 and above. (prepared to get married, needs a dependable guy)
The ones that go for Group B (sensitive) is basically around the age of 20 to 25. Emotional turmoil period, needing someone who understands them.. that sorts of thing :p
And lastly for Group A. we couldnt identify it with any age group, as maturity isnt really connected with age.. and the age that was given is just as a pointer, because that’s when the selected mind setting occurs :p
Btw. I actually did some work on this theory. :p I actually went as far as to ask girls what do they look for in a guy. And basically most of them conformed to the theories I made.. the few that didn’t was clearly slightly more/less mature than their age group 🙂
Any comments on this crazy idea of mine?
p/s: This idea will conform with the materialistic girls theory 🙂 Just exchange macho with money 🙂

Zodiac Dating Guide (Female)

Disclaimer : This is not my writing, if these are yours, contact me and proper credit will be given
Sagittarius Female
The Sagittarius woman is vivacious, funny, self assured, and sophisticated. She probably had an opportunity to travel as a child, and will need to continue to do so throughout her life. She`s a woman who needs challenge and intellectual stimulation in all parts of her life.
Sag women are often highly successful at what they set out to do simply because they are so positive they will succeed. Since the sign also rules international communication, they are either known worldwide or deal with matters of global importance. This is not an overly-sensitive sign, and when criticized, they listen carefully to the feedback. She should be careful not to hurt her mate`s feelings by being too direct in her comments; Sag often has no idea of how her words effect others. Her man should also be sure to allow her a sense of freedom which is highly important to the Sag woman.
Your Challenge
To keep her intellectually stimulated will be a lifelong struggle. This is no dumb bunny, and you may have to struggle to keep up with her. (Her idea of fun is listening to National Public Radio.) She gets bored easily, so be forewarned!
How To Handle Her
Her sign rules the centaur, half man, half horse, pointing high, toward the sky, which symbolizes her quest to reach the lofty goals she`s set. She could be “high maintenance” in that you will have to endure all the highs and lows of her existence, for her motto is nothing ventured, nothing gained. Alas, some things just aren`t going too work out, but unlike Cancer, who will try to second-guess themselves, Sag`s optimism will buoy her up. She will be on to Plan B in no time. Sometimes this could be exhausting for you, so keep the vitamins handy.
Places To Go, Things To Buy Her
If you`d like to get her a fragrance, choose one of the fresh new uni-sex fragrance, for she won`t wear anything too conventionally flowery or sweet. She is apt to be a runner or do some equally strenuous sport–can you imagine a marathon runner fussing with Arpege? Not quite.
Her likes her look sporty, preferring pants to skirts and sportswear to anything more formal. Sag generally likes comfortable shoes, the heels not too high. It must have been a Sag who started the trend of wearing her sneakers on the way to work. Often Sag women were tomboys as a kid, and as a woman she manages to keep her enviable figure because of all the exercise she gets. Give her clothing which is body revealing, such as a mini skirt and matching top in lycra or spandex. She is one woman who can carry it off in style! Or treat her to ten weeks with a personal trainer and she`ll be yours for life.
The Sag woman has no patience with frilly nightgowns but prefers either something plain and natural. What would she most likely wear to bed? A cool, thin, tight white cotton tank top which outlines her breasts, worn with tiny cotton string panties–or nothing at all. She likes men`s wear, so you might catch her putting on your button-down shirt with not much else on but a smile. (Remember how fetching Annette Bening looked in the seduction scene from American President?). She will do more for your shirt than you could ever imagine.
She will be impressed if you treat your body like a temple too, so try to work out often. Then, you can lounge around in tight bicycle shorts to heat things up. Look at her innocently and say you took a part time job as a messenger and need to wear them for practicality and comfort. (She`d got a good sense of humor.) Since this woman would love a strenuous workout, plan an active, feather-flying pillow fight or try chasing her around the yard. Feeling randy? Toss her into a snow drift. The aim here is to get her pulse rate up then convince her she won`t need her morning run with you around.

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Zodiac Dating Guide (Male)

Disclaimer : This is not my writing, if these are yours, contact me and proper credit will be given
Just something a friend sent to me yet again
Sagittarius Male <– ME!
Your Sagittarius guy has a strong intellect, penetrating thought process and continual curiosity(yes I’m the curious type) about the world around him. Your man is ready for a deep discussion on ethics, morality, politics, philosophy, or religion, so go ahead one night and tackle The Meaning Of Life. Unlike Gemini, who focuses on details of the here and now, Sagittarius looks at the entire sweep of collected knowledge and tries to make sense out of the big picture. His most attractive qualities are his faith and optimism, and his customary cheer will endear him to you. This sign also has major wanderlust, so pack your glacier glasses and bug spray if you want to travel with him on his jaunts to the most exotic locales. Finally, this is the sign of the ultimate jock. Many of our most gifted Olympians are born under this sign and he will require lots of physical activity. If he sounds like a handful, it`s because he is, but such an interesting handful!
Your Challenge
Your Sagittarius man likes the bachelor life more than most signs, so getting him to commit may take some doing. Freedom is something he values enormously and it`s crucial for him to be able to do what he wants to do.
How To Handle Him
“Mens sanis in corpore Sagittarius” Sag has so much energy he will need some sort of regular exercise to keep him from going completely mental. If he needs to spend what you believe to be inordinate amounts of time at the gym, don`t hassle him– humor him instead. (You won`t be able to win this one anyway). Enjoy his beautiful shoulders and abs and glutes and tell him he looks just like the Diet Coke man.
Sag is great because they always tell the truth,(sometimes 🙂 ) but sometimes hearing unvarnished truth can be rough on the rest of us. They have no sense of diplomacy, so if you ask their opinion, be ready to hear it! In love, Sag needs lots of sex and sports but he has an equal need for an intellectual partner. He will want his woman to stay up to date on political issues and trends and he will enjoy lively and even heated debates. If he needs regular nights out with the boys, say “fine.” Nothing spoils a relationship faster for a Sag than a sense of claustrophobia.
Things To Do, Gifts To Buy
Equipment for his favorite sport or new workout clothing would be good, and if you are feeling generous, a membership to a health club would be ideal (that would be a subtle acknowledgment of his manly physical prowess). This sign adores animals too, so you could surprise him with that pet Dalmatian puppy he wants.
Sagittarius is a sophisticated sign that enjoys international cuisine. When taking him to dinner read the reviews and find an unusual restaurant such as one that serves Vietnamese, Japanese, Turkish, or Thai cuisine. Afterwards, continue the international theme by going to a foreign flick. Often guys from this sign are good with languages(i only know 3 languages :() and at the very least enjoy a good debate, so chose a movie with a substantial plot (no, The Bodyguard won`t quite cut it.) This sign loves sports, as participant rather than a spectator. Suggest you go swimming, play tennis or do any sport where you can keep up your end fairly well. His ego is not fragile, this guy doesn`t want you to let him win for he enjoys and admires strong women(very true). So give him a real workout on the courts and you`ll both win!
The more things you do in the great outdoors, the better, for he likes to be in expansive space. You know where this is all leading in terms of your seduction–your Sagittarius lover would be thrilled if you suggested making love al fresco. This could be a problem if you are moved to do this in winter and live in a freezing region of the country. Since Sag is the sign of the centaur, chances are he likes horseback riding, so how about seducing him in the barn on top of an old-fashioned hay stack? Start by telling him how perfect his riding “seat” is and how you couldn`t get your eyes off him. Since Sagittarius is the sign ruling the thighs, gently stroking him there will drive him wild with desire. If the weather is warmer, seduce him out in the wide open spaces, in a private, lush and green setting, under the full moon and stars. Can you think of anything more romantic?

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Nice Talk

I had a nice talk with a friend, I sort of let off my load in the heart.. felt relieved to be able to talk somebody about it… Thanks to that friend :). It was over my difficult love life.. mentioning some stuff which left me blurry eyed… yes a guy can cry.. who cares if it’s not macho enough. Haha :))
I sort of opened up to her and told her whom I felt really disappointed with… it wasn’t number 4, as that was always in my mind as something that was more of a dream and realizing it can be true 🙂
I was more disappointed in my 3rd one .. the one from Kuantan/Rompin… because I felt that the relationship could last. Even had her meet some key ppl in my life, and those ppl approved of her. But it ended with her saying she wasn’t comfortable with the relationship wanted time off from me…. and time off it was… for good … 🙁 eyp wanna go and have my sleep.