Robot Ticks : The Results

The results is in. We sent in 5 teams. 3 for the Category A (under 18) and 2 for Category B (under 15) and did not sent in any for the Open Category (themed exhibition). Out of all that only 1 team got a mention. We got 4th in Category A and nothing in the others. The last year winner conquered the competition by winning every single category. Last year they were also the representative for Malaysia, I guess this will be a repeat for them.
Back to the 4th winner…. was glad that we won something. At least the kids have something to be proud of. Beaten by the reigning winner isn’t that bad considering they won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! I hope this will motivate them to do better. Shows that some team from the interior of Kelantan can hold their own when compared to SBP and Technical Schools…. not that they are not bright, but just lack some motivation sometimes.
So I guess that is it. I hope next year we will be better prepared and not do anymore last minute thing 🙂
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Robot Ticks

Have been pretty busy these few weeks, I took over the job of mentoring my school’s robotic teams. Previously they were looked after by the PK KO, but he was transferred to another school and as I was one of the mentors last year, I took over his job this year. But to make it all sound more crazy, I’m mentoring 5 teams this year! as opposed to just 2 last year.
It has been hard work for me, staying back after school everyday, I only go back home at around 5.30pm. But truth to be told I enjoy it, playing with those lego kits reminds me of my childhood, even though when I was a child I only had a small set. But true enough it does bring out the creative side of you 😀

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