Raya at Kuala Terengganu

Went for a short trip to KT on saturday, wife has family over there. So we went for a last shot Hari Raya visit since it is still Syawal.
Pushed off very early and arrived in KT at 10 am.. just in time for a late breakfast… Kak Ming (wife’s cousin) prepared a table full of food.. Nasi Dagang, Popiah, Lopak Tike and lots more…. Really loved the Nasi Dagang…. was told it was the nasi dagang from Chendering.. Spent the rest of the morning at her house… Wife and family simply had loads of fun catching up… (padahal selalu je jumpa)…
Highlight of the day was Alya doing a bit of catwalk wearing Kak Ming’s high heel 🙂 That really did provide us with a bit of laugh.
In the afternoon, wife and MIL wanted to shop for batik so we went to a boutique owned by my wife’s best friend… Enira’s Batik, located at Bazar Warisan. They had a catching up session while browsing through the batiks at the store. MIL and wife definitely was fascinated with the new batik design… digital batiks… very exclusive as it was. They really did have a field day. Both of them bought enough batik that the owner just had to smile.
Then on the way back we made a few stop… one at Keropok Lekor BTB, currently this is the place to buy Keropok Lekor. Then made one more stop near Penarek to buy some deep fried delicacies… Ikan, Udang and Sotong Celup Tepung… simply delish!
Overall it was a good trip…. and will be making it again if time permits..
Adieu :rose: