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8 April 2006

Post KPLI Convo

DAY 1 Whoah that was a tiring trip. Got a bus on tuesday night, and I got there on wednesday morning, I rested a bit at my cousin’s place and then went on straight to my college with a friend of mine. Lucky that I didn’t have to get on the LRT as my friend volunteered to come and pick me up at Gombak. Got […]

31 March 2006

Pre KPLI Convo

I’ve missed a lot of blogging, mostly because my hosting upgraded some items and then totally forgot to upgrade the perl package as well. Yes it seems I’m the only hostee here using perl to blog. WHAT!!! Forget bout that.. let us continue to the stories…. Things I did and happened while I was away…. 1. I went to Sri Tujuh Beach at Tumpat for […]

4 December 2005

A Year It Has Been

Time flies when you are having fun, the past year has been a magnificent year for me. Eventhough the course is a really challenging one with it tight schedule and neverending assignments, but the people that went through it with me has made the experience a really rewarding one. I would really treasure all of those moments together, all the bad joke and even worst […]

19 September 2005

Practicum Is Over

School’s is over temporarily for me, its now back to college time 🙂 Now I don’t have to do lesson plans everyday hehe 🙂 Though might I say that I’m a little sad to leave all my students… Spent my last day there taking pictures with them actually. Not as many as I wanted, but as film is not getting cheaper… that will do. :p […]

8 September 2005

Almost Practicum Almost

Almost finished with my practicum, trying to take in a deep breath and let out a huge sigh, but I can’t. Not with my lecturer planning to come everyday next week to observe me .. and friends…. I’m seriously gonna burst, just trying to hold it in…. coming up with lesson plans which is both interesting to the student and also educational is very hard […]

22 July 2005

Breaking In The Teacher

I’ve started my practicum 3 weeks ago, and it all went by in a blur. It was all jumbled up. This and that to do. Getting accustomed to the routines here at school. Getting up early and going back home late. Not that early really ‘coz I only have to get to school by 8.30am but I do have class till 2.30pm. You must be […]

16 June 2005

Why Are You Here?

Warning : If you are caught using my writing as a basis for your Pernyataan Hasrat, don’t blame me if you don’t get into the course. Get a valid reason or else drop the idea of being a teacher at all! Why are you here? why did you join up? why do you want to be a teacher? Those are among the questions that will […]

30 March 2005

Decisions, Where Do I Want To Go?

Most people after knowing that I’m about to become a teacher would ask some of these questions, “Why did I want to become a teacher?” sometimes more specific “Why did I choose to become an english teacher instead of a biology teacher?” or the inevitable, “Where are you going to ask for your posting?” The question that I’d like to highlight is ‘where’. My answer […]

16 August 2004

Test What Test?

Yeah I took a test, some of you might know what it is. Anyway it was the MTeST. The test is for those who wants to do KPLI. 2 and a half hour of sweating. Saw some frustrated ppl after the test. Seriously, the questions were a bit tough. Even had some analytical questions, equivalent to IQ tests. Thankfully I managed to pull through. I […]