House Hunting : Part 2.2

I’ve stopped hunting for a new house, as I have found a pretty nice house, bigger than the one I’m renting currently. 3 bedrooms with a single toilet. Comes with a porch and a nice patch of garden. Talked with the owner this afternoon, a pretty decent guy. Already booked the house and will be moving in to the house this friday.
The house is at Taman Wangi, the surroundings are pretty nice, will be neighbours with a few more teachers. Also managed to find a nanny for Alya. Will be leaving her to a nice motherly makcik. 🙂
Just feel glad that I got that house. The funny thing is that my landlord actually called me to say that she found me a house. A lil bit too late I say, as I had already booked that house. But then again I don’t think I’ll go for that house if I have a choice as the area is not as nice :p
Anyways will be pretty busy for these few days.
Till next time, adieu :rose:

House Hunting : Part Two

Hunters in Kenya.

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Seems that I will have to hunt for a house again. My landlord just called me yesterday to tell me that she has sold the house. I’ve been given a month. House hunting is tiring and boring especially in Gua Musang. People here usually book a house that will be empty. That’s why u rarely see a sign that says house for rent or that sort.
Hope that it won’t take that long for me to find a house this time around.The last time I was merely lucky because a friend saw a house for rent/sale and I managed to get the house just in time.
Adieu :rose:
p/s: If any of you know anyone that has a house for rent in Gua Musang. drop me a comment before 9 August.