Tag: hiatus

4 December 2005

Dear neglected blog

Dear blog, It has been a year since I started neglecting you, thank you for behaving wonderfully this year. No panic attacks of finding you offline for no reason at all. No mysterious coding errors. You know this year has been a busy year, with me taking up the terribly packed course. Fear not, as my course have just ended gracefully (I hope!!). You can […]

29 December 2004

Long And Sweet It Was

Seriously I’ve never thought that I would go on a hiatus that long. And during that time, I had to hold myself back for numerous time. A lof of time I almost blogged, but stopped myself just in time. I believe the hiatus achieved what I wanted it to achieve, first and foremost to clear of my head. Recollect my thoughts on life, you can’t […]

20 November 2004

On Holiday (Hiatus)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to go on hiatus. This is supposed to be a holiday and I’m supposed to be relaxed, but it has been a taxing week. (FYI, just got back from my cousin’s wedding – see previous entry). So I will go on a little hiatus, to sorts things out, relax my body a bit and build this site again from […]