My Ex Girlfriend From Ipoh

Among the weirdest thing that happened to me when I was at home was the fact that my mom started talking about my ex.
Considering the fact that I didn’t tell her about that particular ex. I was feeling dazed and confused. How the heck did she know….. The thing is my mom called her… and seemed to have a veryyy long talk with her. It was real scary! My mom talking to my ex. I have absolutely no idea what was going on between them. The only few things that I managed to glean out from what my mom was saying is that they talked about me (obviously) and why I broke up with her, and my spider sense tingled…. She must have said some bad things about me because my mom doesn’t seem too comfortable with it. Hmmm, I wonder what that lil lady told her.
Later on I found out how my mom got her phone number and name. Apparently she was trying to find my friend’s phone number so she could relay a message to me, as my phone went dead on me. She found a letter from my ex stashed in a conference bag of mine while trying to find my phone book. I should have put it in a locked drawer! Stupid…. :p And I had to explain to my mom why I didn’t tell her about that ex. Haiyo the relationship only lasted for 4 months. I saw no reason to tell my mom about that particular short-lived relationship. 😀 My mom really likes to keep track of my love life… Huhu…
:rose: Adieu
p/s: Now you know why my life sucks :p